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Grey’s Anatomy: Lexie Grey’s 5 Best Episodes

Lexie Grey became a fan favorite on Grey’s Anatomy and one whose journey viewers loved to watch unfold until she met a tragic end.

It was revealed in the early days of Grey’s Anatomy that while Meredith Grey may have grown up as an only child, she had some half-siblings floating around that she never really got to know. One of those siblings was a sister related to her via her father and named Lexie. When Lexie’s mother unexpectedly passed away, she uprooted her life and decided to intern at the same hospital as her older sister.

Lexie was the opposite of Meredith when she was first introduced. She was bubbly and filled with childlike innocence and curiosity, while the older Grey sister was more detached and reserved. As time went on, Lexie’s character became a fan favorite and one whose journey viewers loved to watch unfold until she met a tragic end.

5 “I Will Follow You Into The Dark” (Season 5, Episode 17)

“I Will Follow You Into The Dark” was a big episode for Lexie Grey. She went from being Meredith’s mousy younger sister to standing up for herself and proving just how smart of a doctor she was going to be.

Mark and Derek got into a fight after the latter found out that Mark was seeing Lexie, resulting in a lot of animosity between the former friends. Lexie comforted Mark and apologized for breaking him, but he assured her that she was the one who put him back together. Additionally, this was the episode where Lexie solved the ‘Patient X’ case, confirming that the mystery patient (who was revealed to be Izzie Stevens) had cancer.

4 “PYT (Pretty Young Thing)” (Season 7, Episode 14)

The usual happy-go-lucky Lexie Grey was nowhere to be found in the episode where her father is admitted to the hospital accompanied by his much younger girlfriend.

Lexie’s disdain for her father’s girlfriend is a bit out of character for her, but that’s what makes this episode such a good one for her. Because she was usually the voice of reason and logic, it’s was interesting to watch her revert to a childlike jealously and anger. This also allowed for Meredith to act as a proper older sister for Lexie, as she informed her that she was being selfish and needed to grow up.

3 “Put Me In Coach” (Season 8, Episode 7)

For so much of the sixth and seventh seasons of Grey’s Anatomy Mark was chasing down Lexie, but season 8 was the first time viewers actually got to see Lexie jealous and envious of Mark in a romantic relationship.

At a baseball game between two Seattle hospitals, Lexie famously threw the ball right into Julia, Mark’s new girlfriend’s, chest after being heckled by her. The episode gave insight into Lexie’s competitive side and the indication that she might not have been as ‘over’ Mark as she had previously claimed to be.

2 “Let The Bad Times Roll” (Season 8, Episode 22)

Chyler Leigh had one of her best performances as Lexie Grey in the season 8 episode, “Let The Bad Times Roll.” In this episode, Lexie delivered a heartbreaking speech to Mark declaring her love for him even though he was seeing somebody else. She broke down and finally admitted with an emotional quote that she was “infected by Mark Sloan,” after what seemed like seasons of her denying her true feelings for him.

What makes this speech ten times sadder is the fact that Lexie and Mark meet their demise just a couple of episodes later, never getting the chance to make Lexie’s dreams of them being together come true.

1 “Breathe” (Season 17, Episode 10)

Almost 10 years after her character’s death, Chyler Leigh reprised her role as Lexie Grey in a season 17 episode that featured yet another Meredith dream sequence.

On Meredith’s dream beach, Lexie and Mark were happily reunited in the afterlife and offering her all kinds of good advice as to why she should live. Lexie shared how much she missed her older sister, and the two finally got proper closer given that Lexie passed away from the plane crash before Meredith could say goodbye. It was a beautiful, emotional reunion but a gift for fans to see Lexie Grey on their screens again nine seasons later.

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