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Supernatural : 5 Low-Key Heroes In Series

Sam and Dean Winchester weren’t the only heroes in Supernatural. There were others who kept a low profile but were as brave as the brothers.

Sam and Dean Winchester, along with their faithful friend and ally Castiel, were the quintessential heroes in the cult fantasy Supernatural. They killed monsters and saved the world and locked horns with the likes of Lucifer, the Darkness, and God himself.

However, while their valor was one of the things that kept fans hooked to the show, there were other characters on the show who were equally brave but perhaps not quite as swashbuckling. Their heroism thus often went unnoticed or stayed underrated, even though some of these low-key heroes might have saved the lead protagonists themselves on a few occasions. These men and women have shown tremendous courage under terrifying circumstances, and it’s time they got their due.

5 Garth

Garth Fitzgerald IV, or simply Garth, was one of the best and most beloved recurring guests on Supernatural. Garth didn’t exactly inspire trust at first sight but in his own way he was sharp, intelligent, a skilled hunter, and helped the boys on multiple occasions.

In fact, in season 15’s “The Heroes’ Journey”, had it not been for Garth’s quick thinking, Sam and Dean might have become as a veritable feast for the ferocious monsters fighting in the ring where they very nearly ended up. Somehow, after Garth had turned into a werewolf, he became an even better ally for the brothers since now he had powers even Sam and Dean didn’t. Garth was most certainly one of the unsung heroes of the show.

4 Jodie Mills

Jodie Mills was almost a mother figure to Sam and Dean in the absence of their real mother. Having encountered a horrifying reality where she watched her undead kid eat her husband alive, Jodie had what could be called a baptism by fire in all things supernatural.

Sheriff Mills thus became an ally of the Winchesters and Bobby, and went on to hunt several monsters, sometimes with the boys, at other times alone, or with Sheriff Donna. She also hunted with her little brood of wayward girls including Claire Novak and Alex among others. Jodie was loyal, and brave with a steely determination. But her heroism stayed low-key, making her all the more admirable.

3 Jo & Ellen Harvelle

Jo and Ellen Harvelle were more family than friends for Sam and Dean. Ellen was easily one of the smartest Supernatural hunters in terms of intelligence, and her daughter Jo had grown up around hunters with both her parents being in the business of hunting down the supernatural.

Fans will recall how Jo began to go on solo hunts that took a lot of courage. But the most heroic, albeit tragic, moment for Jo came when she decided to blow apart the hellhounds that had already torn her apart to save the rest of the gang in season 5’s “Abandon All Hope”. Since she was already beyond help, she chose to sacrifice herself for the brothers. What was even more tragic was that Ellen decided to stay back with her daughter in her last moments.

2 Bobby Singer

For Supernatural fans, Bobby Singer was as much a hero as Sam, Dean, or Cas. But Bobby’s bravery was always more low-key. He was always the wise one, doing tons of research, and saving the brothers more times than they’d care to admit. Practically a surrogate father to Sam and Dean, he stayed in the background but was a constant hero in the lives of the brothers.

Even Bobby in the Apocalypse world was brave and heroic as he led the remaining humans in that world against Michael’s armies. Fans were devastated when Bobby from this world died shockingly, and his contributions to the Winchesters’ tale would never be forgotten.

1 Kelly Kline

Last but not least, a woman whose love for her child strengthened her resolve even when confronted with the news that she was carrying Lucifer’s baby, Kelly Kline was a hero through and through.

Kelly might not be the all guns blazing sort of hero but in sheer determination, she might have beaten the Winchesters themselves. There is also no doubt that her inherent goodness played a major role in making Jack who he became. Although Jack never saw Kelly, the spirit of purity she instilled in him surely helped him as he came into his own.

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