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Grey’s Anatomy: 5 Things You Missed About Teddy Altman

Cardio head Teddy Altman’s storylines on Grey’s Anatomy are easy to follow. However, a couple of details about her aren’t so obvious to viewers.

Life is currently good for Teddy Altman on Grey’s Anatomy. Not only has she had a great run as co-head of cardiothoracic surgery at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, but she is also in a better place with Owen after the proposal. While love has never eluded Teddy, stable relationships have been a challenge, so fans are glad to finally see her in one.

The former army doctor has enjoyed great story arcs during her time on the long-running ABC show. Every detail about her relationship with Henry is known to fans, and so is her long working relationship with Owen. However, Teddy’s smooth-flowing narrative hasn’t kept some details from getting buried under the numerous storylines on the show.

5 The Hospital Shooting

Teddy is the only one of season 6’s main characters to not encounter Gary Clark when he goes on a shooting rampage at the hospital. This is because she is busy operating on Pete at the time.

Given her military background, Teddy would likely have been in a better position to know what to do if she had encountered Gary. Luckily, she still makes a number of critical decisions. Her decision to take Pete out of the hospital and have him rushed to Seattle Presbyterian Hospital saves his life. Most importantly, she is able to call 911.

4 Teddy’s Appearances

Teddy appears on the show from season 6 to season 8, then from season 15 to the present. However, season 7 is the only season in which she appears in every single episode.

Teddy’s consistent appearances throughout season 7 are thanks to her relationship with Henry, which the show preferred to explore in detail rather than rush over it. The two are among the Grey’s Anatomy couples that are perfect together, and it’s a shame that Henry died. Nevertheless, death has been normalized in the world of the show, so fans always expect it.

3 Teddy Has Difficulty Performing An Appendectomy

Nurse Linda might not have any solid arcs for her to be considered one of the best nurses on Grey’s Anatomy, but she is always helpful, She gets Teddy out of trouble twice in season 7 by helping her complete an appendectomy when the surgeon appears confused.

It’s been implied that appendectomies are hard to perform since Cristina also struggled with one during her early years at the hospital. Teddy has never been portrayed as one of the most skilled surgeons on the show either, as is the case with Meredith, Cristina, and Derek. She is thus expected to not be completely perfect in the OR.

2 Teddy Is The First Surgeon To Resume Main Character Status After Leaving

A trend in Grey’s Anatomy is that whenever any main character is written out, they never regain their status even if they return. However, Teddy Altman breaks this trend upon her return.

Shonda Rhimes stated that Teddy had to be written out after her first stint on the show because actor Kim Raver asked to leave, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Raver went off to reprise her role as Audrey in the then-revived 24, a show on which she made her name. Since the reason for her departure wasn’t due to a relationship breakdown with the producers, it’s easy to see why she was welcomed back with open arms.

1 Teddy Is Quite Experienced

There is a mystery surrounding most Grey’s Anatomy characters’ ages and number of years they have worked as surgeons, especially those who weren’t introduced in season 1. As for Teddy, one scene makes it possible to tell. In a flashback scene to when Teddy was dating Allison, she is an attending surgeon already. Since Allison died in 2001, it can be concluded that Teddy has worked for more than 20 years.

On average, most attending surgeons begin working at around the age of 35 in the U.S., according to Annals of Surgery. which means that Teddy is older than most of her colleagues. Given her level of experience, it makes sense that she was immediately appointed the Head of Cardio as soon as she arrived at Seattle Grace Mercy West instead of working her way up to the position.

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