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Supernatural: 5 Unpopular Opinions About Dean Winchester

Reddit is full of Supernatural fans voicing unpopular opinions about Dean that range from disliking story arcs to aspects of his overall character.

There are so many characters in Supernatural who are adored by the passionate fandom, but few are as big of a source of adoration as Dean Winchester. For 15 seasons, Jensen Ackles delivered terrific performances in the role, and despite some flaws in the show itself, Dean remained loved by most fans for the entire run. Not everyone is in agreement about aspects of his character, though.

Many fans have opinions about Dean that are largely unpopular, not being held by a lot of the fandom. Reddit is full of fans voicing these opinions that range from disliking Dean’s story arcs to aspects of his overall character.

Dean Fans Are Too Forgiving

Redditor TheFastPotato says they hate Dean Winchester fans because they are “sick of how they use his grief to defend everything he does,” compared to how harsh they are to Sam and Dean. There may be some merit to this, as there is no doubt Dean gets away with a lot of evil things, and not everything was against his will. But so do Sam and Cas, with most fans forgiving all three for their pasts.

Each of the main characters: Sam, Castiel, Crowley, Jack, Mary, and, yes, Dean, do terrible things over the course of their run in the show, but due to the love fans have for the characters, they get forgiven more often than not.

Dean Gets Away With Everything Because Of His Charm

Redditor conundrumicus says that Dean gets away with a lot “because he has all the charm and the witty comments.” Dean is unquestionably charming with so many hilarious quotes and moments, but he is far more than that, and his flaws play a significant role in the audience’s love for the character, which means many would take issue with this opinion.

In fact, Dean gets forgiven by fans for the bad things he does in Supernatural for many reasons, whether it be because of his good intentions, grief, redemption, or just the overall love that fans have for the character.

Dean Judged Monsters Too Harshly

Redditor doNOTarguewithme says, “Just because they’re [monsters are] different species didn’t mean you should kill them.” saying Dean judged them “too harshly.” At the start of the show, this was definitely the case, as it was during his Mark of Cain era when he just wanted to kill.

Other than that, though, most fans agree Dean and Sam were pretty decent towards monsters, realizing they can be good and so should be allowed to live. At the start of Supernatural, Dean was very much a kill first ask questions later kind of hunter. But as the show progressed, the rules for the Winchesters developed into more of a ‘monsters can be good, but get killed as soon as they cause trouble’ situation.

Too Much Bromance, Not Enough Romance

Redditor thegrandwitch plainly states, “Sam and Dean are annoying as hell,” believing the show has “WAY too much bromance, not enough romance.”

This is an unpopular opinion about Supernatural as a whole, but also about Dean and his relationship with Sam, and one most of the fandom would disagree with. otherwise. In fact, Supernatural does offer romance, just more doomed relationships than anything else. But the truth is that the show is all about Sam and Dean, on purpose. Their relationship is the beating heart of it and why many fans get hooked on it beyond the supernatural and monster elements.

Dean Is Just A Force Of Nature Who Kills Things

Redditor Magnon believes that Dean is “just a force of nature that kills things” and that the world is lucky he is pointed at monsters. But Dean fans, especially, would fight against this comment, believing that reducing him to just a killer, like how various monsters, hunters, and God himself did, is wrong.

A lot of Dean’s arc in Supernatural focuses on what he is deep down, on who he is, and defying the stereotypical opinion of him that he is a killer. While the later seasons undo a lot of his character from the Kripke-era, fans believe him to be more than simply a stone-cold killer with not much else to him.

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