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Harry Potter: 5 Unpopular Opinions About Ron

Ron Weasley polarizes Potter fans and Redditors both adore him and are critical of him, making their opinions unpopular for the other half of fans.

Ron Weasley has always been the underrated hero in the Harry Potter universe. An integral part of the wizarding trio, Ron is inseparable from the Boy Who Lived but perhaps written as a more flesh and blood character.

Unfortunately, as someone whose flaws are out there for all to see, Ron gets an equal share of love and hate from Potter fans worldwide. It seems as though not many level headed approaches are taken when it comes to Ron. And thus, the Reddit opinions are either way too harsh or excessively flattering making them unpopular for those who feel the exact opposite.

Loving Ron & Lavender

Ron dated fellow Gryffindor Lavender Brown briefly in the sixth book where the two had taken to ‘snogging’ wherever they could. Redditor hellwitoutwheels takes a uniquely offbeat approach by pointing out that the hate that Lavender gets is simply unfair. The fact that she wasn’t Hermione “doesn’t make Lavender a terrible person, it just makes her not Hermione.”

Indeed Lavender is hated by an overwhelming majority of the fandom who consider her superficial and an unnecessary hindrance to Hermione and Ron’s relationship. Of course, they don’t love the fact that Ron gets together with Hermione either, but they still hate Lavender for causing Hermione pain.

Appreciating Ronald Weasley

Here’s a Reddit opinion by ok-but-why-mister that is eager to show Ron some love and appreciation. From playing that excellent game of chess in the first instalment to opening his home and world up to Harry, Ron was remarkable in his own way. The user mentions how “he faced his deepest fears, spiders” and was patient and happy to have his best friends in his life.

Ron has managed to polarize the fandom into those who love him and those who simply don’t. Thus, for fans who hate Ron Weasley, the opinion expressed by ok-but-why-mister on Reddit would go against the grain. Ron, the haters feel, wasn’t worthy of high praise for his weak personality, indecisiveness, and lack of loyalty.

Ron Remembers The Little Things

Along the same lines, peteykeegs1992 shares an opinion that Ron has a tendency to remember things about the ones he cares for. Little things that he wouldn’t normally remember given his personality–the fan mentions, “I’m thinking of….Gamp’s Law of Elemental Transfiguration, as it applies to food. He doesn’t remember this because he finds it interesting, or because it’s useful… He remembers it because he associates it with Hermione.”

This is a thoughtful but uncommonly appreciative post about Ron who is 0ften berated for being toxic. Most fans notice his lack of subtlety and rudeness but not the fact that he cares deeply. He is seen as a character written in very broad strokes and not many would note that he is capable of remembering little details.

He Shows Growth On The Page

Reddit pet_genius is disappointed at all the Ron hate, stating that a lot of fans seem willing to forgive Draco Malfoy for being a misguided teenager but are up in arms against Ron Weasley–“the one character who….demonstrates growth, on page? Nah, Ron sucks.” The user also reminds everyone that Ron is instinctively protective of Hermione from the very beginning, whether it was the time he tried to make Draco eat slugs to being willing to be tortured by Bellatrix to spare Hermione. Harry Potter fans will recall that torturing Hermione was one of the worst things Lestrange did.

For the vast bulk of haters, this is obviously unpopular. Ron is considered as someone with the least character evolution. Never very glamorous, he gets relegated to the background as Harry and Hermione take center stage for being more dynamic.

Ron Is Quite Exceptional

Finally, speaking of Ron being overshadowed, 91Bolt feels that Harry and Hermione both dwarf Ron by being extraordinary themselves but that Ron wasn’t any less than Harry, really. He points out how Ron managed to come out of the various adventures throughout the series in a relatively unscathed condition, had been made a prefect, and had scored less than Harry only in the Defence Against Dark Arts examination. Now, “Is that not exceptional?”, asks the Redditor.

Ron is certainly not seen at par with Harry in magical prowess and the majority of fans see him purely as a sidekick who causes more trouble than he helps. It is indeed unusual, although true enough, to note that Ron wasn’t far behind Harry as far as talent was concerned, academic or otherwise.

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