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Harry Potter: 5 Unpopular Opinions About Harry

There are more than a few unpopular opinions on Reddit about Harry Potter, offering differing perspectives about his character and relationships.

As The Boy Who Lived and The Chosen One, Harry Potter might be loved by millions of readers and audience members worldwide, but there are always those who see him a tad differently than others. Was he the phenomenal young hero that he is made out to be, or was he a flawed boy-to-young-man who was far from perfect?

Over two decades after the first Harry Potter book was released and one decade after the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 movie was released, fans are still engaging in thought-provoking discourses about Harry and his adventures. From taking a controversial stand on Harry’s character to shipping him with various other people besides Ginny Weasley, here are what Redditors are saying about Harry.

5 He Is A Good Fit With Ginny

Similar to the previous point, here’s another Redditor, Lord_Parbr, who wonders why fans, in general, expressed dissatisfaction with Harry ultimately choosing Ginny Weasley. The user posts, “Personally, I thought they fit together really well,” and that Ginny Weasley, as depicted in the books, was every bit as awesome as the trio.

Harry’s romance with Ginny is not popularly favored since most fans shipped The Boy Who Lived with his best friend, Hermione. Many fans also found Ron’s pairing with Hermione to be jarring, to say the least, just as they didn’t love Ginny with Harry.

4 Cho & Harry Had A Natural Romance

Speaking of romance, this now-deleted Redditor voices their dissent by stating that Cho’s romance with Harry felt natural, “As banterful as Lily and James, and as instantaneous as Snape and Lily. Love at first sight.”

But Harry and Cho were never fan-favorites as a couple, and the latter infuriated fans in Order of the Phoenix when she was forced by Umbridge and her minions to give away the location of the Room of Requirements. However, as the first girl Harry ever had a crush on, Cho was tolerated. That said, Harry Potter fans have to look hard for reasons why Cho should have been with Harry, albeit not thinking Ginny was the right choice either.

3 Harry & Luna Would Have Made A Great Couple

As mentioned above, fans never quite got on board with Harry and Ginny, having been in favor of Harry and Hermione. Yet, Redditor jacklg_ uncommonly ships Harry with Luna Lovegood, with whom he had a lot in common. For instance, “They both experienced death of their family members.”

Luna was a good friend to Harry and an interesting addition to the series. But very few fans would have thought of the two as a couple. They do share a connection, both having lived through tragedy at a young age, but Luna’s partnership with Harry never developed enough for them to even be considered a couple.

2 Was Harry Potter A Good Friend?

Reddit user ykickamoocow111 raises a controversial question wondering if Harry was as good a friend to the others as they were to him. Harry, the Redditor feels, could “be extremely insular when it comes to how he views Ron’s and Hermione’s role in his life.”

This is controversial because one of the most important aspects of Harry’s adventures in the wizarding world is his bond with Ron and Hermione. The three share a relationship that goes deeper than simple friendship and have seen each other through the darkest of times. Harry was forever ready to lay down his life to save his friends and during the final Battle of Hogwarts, he met Voldemort in the Forbidden Forest so that more of his friends and well-wishers wouldn’t have to die.

1 Could Snape Have Been Harry’s Dad?

Finally, in a thoroughly controversial and unpopular opinion, a now-deleted Redditor wonders if the inimitable Severus Snape could have been Harry’s father, since “Harry spends literally the entirety of book 6 relating to and identifying with the Half-Blood Prince.”

One of the biggest twists in the tale of Harry was the revelation about Snape, who turned into a full-fledged hero in the final book, despite all the problematic things that Snape did throughout the Harry Potter series. However, although fans wept into their pillows when they found out about Snape’s continued feelings for Lily Potter, they would never have entertained the possibility that he could be Harry’s dad. Snape and Lily’s relationship hadn’t progressed that far before James swooped Lily up. But it never hurts to have a little food for thought!

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