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The Vampire Diaries Universe: The 5 Best Crossover Episodes, According To IMDb

The Vampire Diaries has spun off into The Originals and Legacies, which has seen the shows cross over on several occasions for great episodes.

It seems like expanded universes are all the rage in films and television these days. From the MCU to the Arrowverse to Dick Wolf’s Chicago shows and more, they’re all popular and often at their best when they crossover with one another. The same could be said for the world created by The Vampire Diaries.

Though it started simply enough in 2009, the franchise has continued with The Originals and Legacies to this day. The shows have crossed over several times, whether it’s in a major way or just a small appearance from a character or two. These episodes sometimes rank among the best in any of these shows.

5 The Tale Of Two Wolves (The Originals) – 9.1

Caroline’s appearance in the season 5 premiere was great but it wasn’t the only time she showed up on The Originals. Later in that season, she returned for “The Tale of Two Wolves” as Klaus visited her at the school for gifted youngsters to seek help from her twins.

It marked the first time that Hope and the twins did something together, which would become a staple of Legacies. This installment not only saw a reunion again but also worked as a backdoor pilot for the next series. It was the penultimate episode of The Originals and Caroline returned again for the finale but it wasn’t as well-received.

4 Kai Parker Screwed Us (Legacies) – 9.2

The aforementioned crossover involving Kai Parker was a huge deal for Legacies, marking a rare appearance from one of the first show’s main bad guys. His debut on the series came in season 2’s “Kai Parker Screwed Us,” which saw him run into Alaric and the twins in a 2018 prison world.

Prison worlds were nothing new to Kai, as he was in one when he first appeared on The Vampire Diaries. This episode focused on him trying to prove that he had changed his ways and that he would help them. Of course, it was all a ruse and Kai escaped to commit evil acts in the real world.

3 Behind The Black Horizon (The Originals) – 9.2

Sometimes, the crossovers that are the smallest can result in the best episodes. That’s the case with “Behind The Black Horizon,” which was part of season 3 of The Originals. In it, Freya was kidnapped, causing Elijah and Finn to embark on a mission to find her that led them to Mystic Falls.

While there, they didn’t run into any supernatural beings but they came across Matt Donovan, who was still human and now the sheriff’s deputy. He wasn’t happy to see vampires back in his town, making for some conflict. The episode’s best moments involved Klaus, Hayley, and Lucien though.

2 The Feast Of All Sinners (The Originals) – 9.4

This franchise has almost always nailed season finales and that was what happened again in The Originals’ “The Feast of All Sinners,” which wrapped season 4. The Mikaelson family ran into the ultimate villain in The Hollow, who threatened their livelihood.

The episode saw the characters dealing with how they’d keep Hope safe and they did so by all taking a part of The Hollow, which set the stage for them separating in the final season. The crossover here was small but pivotal as it saw Hayley visit Alaric and Caroline’s school to give Hope somewhere to go.

1 A Streetcar Named Desire (The Originals) – 9.4

One of the best things about TV shows crossing over is when they involve multi-part episodes for the stories to unfold. That was done with “A Streetcar Named Desire” of The Originals, which was preceded by The Vampire Diaries’ “Moonlight on the Bayou” (8.8).

The entire thing was built around Stefan Salvatore visiting New Orleans for help with a hunter named Rayna Cruz chasing him. It marked a reunion of Klaus and Stefan, one of the series’ best duos. His arrival also helped Freya when both Klaus and Elijah were trapped.

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