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Supergirl’s Nia Nal and The New Flash Have One BIG Thing In Common

In DC Pride, Dreamer and DC’s new Flash have one major thing in common as they defeat their villains and prepare for their date nights!

In DC Pride #1, both Supergirl’s Nia Nal and DC’s new Flash, Jess Chambers, show a lot of similarities as they take down their villains, while multitasking! DC Pride is a new anthology series from DC Comics, celebrating the LGBTQIA+ characters of the publisher’s universe. Although it is a collection of short stories with no true connection, some thematic links can be found in some of the segments.

Supergirl’s Nia Nal just made her comic debut in the Dreamer portion titled “Date Night” by Nicole Maines, Rachael Stott, and Enrica Eren Angiolini. While Jess Chambers makes their return in “Clothes Makeup Gift” by Danny Lore, Lisa Sterle, and Enrica Eren Angiolini. Both characters are extremely important additions to DC’s universe in their own right. Nicole Maines’ Dreamer was the first transgender superhero on television, while Jess is the first non-binary Flash and Justice League member in the future. Although their stories aren’t connected in any way, there are some obvious connections that could prove that the two heroes are rather alike.

Nia Nal and Jess Chambers, in their respective tales, are shown to be highly powerful heroes as they take down their villains with ease. In Dreamer’s story, Nia takes down the leader of a growing faction of the League of Shadows. This happens as she receives a call from Brainy, aka Brainiac 5, to check in about how her mission is going and also if she’s ready for their date. Nia is able to beat the League of Shadows villain with ease, thanks to a few neat tricks. She then proceeds to head to her movie date with Brainy, ending off her story. Meanwhile, Jess is plunged into a new Mirror World as they take on Reflek, their own version of Mirror Master. Just like Nia, Jess is constantly preoccupied with figuring out the logistics of getting to their date on time. Jess goes over their checklist of what they have to do before their date with Andy Curry aka Aquawoman. Emphasis is put on Jess having so much on their plate, but they still always show up on time, unlike other versions of the Flash. Both Nia and Jess showcase a talent for multitasking, but what’s most interesting is their ability to balance both sides of their lives, not giving one more focus than the other.

With Dreamer and DC’s new Flash taking down their villains, both heroes arrive on time for their dates. Their unique ability is that they are able to attend to both their private lives and hero lives at the same time. It shows that, unlike a lot of heroes, they put a lot of value in balancing both sides of their lives. It’s implied that Flash and Dreamer are made better heroes by not sacrificing their private lives for their superhero lives. Many heroes focus too much on being a superhero and end up shunning their partners. However, here, Flash’s Andy and Dreamer’s Brainy are part of their motivation to defeat criminals, as they want to see them as soon as they can.

Looking at both Nia and Jess from this perspective makes a clear link between them, proving that they both operate on a similar level. Most heroes, as showcased in a lot of comics, have to put their everything into taking down villains. Concentration is usually key as DC’s villains attempt to rip their lives away. However, showing that they can both focus while doing more than one activity is a strange, but refreshing development as it breaks the usual comic book superhero mold. Ultimately, both Nia Nal and Jess Chambers’ stories prove that they are unique additions to DC’s huge roster of heroes. DC Pride #1 is available in comic book stores and on digital platforms now.

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