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Riverdale Relationships As Taylor Swift Songs

Romance is a large part of the dark reimagining that’s Riverdale, and Taylor Swift’s love song lyrics match with the show’s couples.

The reigning queen of love songs is none other than Taylor Swift, a musical doyenne and the creator of tunes that could fit almost any relationship and its dynamics. Swift’s lyrics really make people feel something, and this is how they match up with Riverdale’s favorite couples.

Veronica & Archie – “End Game (Feat. Ed Sheeran And Future)”

The fan favorite couple, better known as Varchie (and often compared to Bughead) are one for the books. It’s only fitting that the Taylor Swift song that describes them is “End Game” from reputation.

After Archie left town to keep his loved ones safe, he called Veronica to break up with her with the same intention of protecting her. The Lodge scion tearfully proclaimed that the two of them were “endgame” which showed in season 5 when even Ronnie’s marriage couldn’t keep Archie and her away from each other. They definitely want to be each other’s A-Team, and each other’s first string, so this is a fitting song.

Betty & Jughead – “You Belong With Me (Taylor’s Version)”

It’s easy to see that Betty and Jughead were a couple that truly belonged together, but Betty could only see the potential between them once she looked away from Jughead’s best friend, Archie. “You Belong With Me” describes two people between whom there’s real love, but one of them can’t see it until something brings them together.

In Bughead’s case, it was the unfortunate murder of Jason Blossom and FP Jones’ involvement in it which made them spend time together, solving cases and mysteries, until Betty finally “saw” that she was in love with Jughead, which was one of the most iconic scenes of the Riverdale couple.

Betty & Archie – “Treacherous”

Even after Archie firmly told Betty in season 1 that he saw her as a friend, the sexual tension between them was palpable on several occasions, like when the Black Hood was controlling them, or when they sang together, which resulted in a kiss, which could have been more had Betty not put a stop to their relationship.

“Treacherous” is a tune about going down a reckless path of intimacy, which both lovers know is treacherous but they both like it too much to stop. Betty and Archie’s high school romance turned into a sexy “friends with benefits” situation once they grew up, which makes this song even more perfect for the two of them.

FP & Alice – “Exile (Feat. Bon Iver)”

Everything about FP and Alice’s relationship was goals, and as parents, their storyline often overshadowed the main characters’ in Riverdale. The two embodied the several parts of Taylor Swift’s “Exile,” starting with the first part where a previous lover watches his ex with someone new, laughing and having fun. For FP, he had to watch his true love Alice do that and bring up a family with Hal for many decades.

Even after they tried again and had a successful relationship, FP had to leave for his family’s sake, which correlated perfectly with the lyrics about going into exile, and that no amount of crying or talking could stop him from leaving the town of Riverdale. The bittersweet song was almost an ode to relationships like theirs.

Hermione & Hiram – “Look What You Made Me Do”

The Lodge parents were a toxic pair, and they both knew it. Blackmail, mind games, snitching on each other to the cops, and ruining each other’s election campaigns were a big part of their relationship. Both of them would play little games, throw each other under the bus, commit perfect crimes, and lie, and then blame each other for doing awful things to each other.

“Look What You Made Me Do” also depicts a friendship that started off with trust but was riddled with betrayals which led to a deep bitterness and hatred between the two, much like Hermione and Hiram Lodge.

Reggie & Veronica – “Getaway Car”

The short-lived relationship between Reggie and Veronica was a complicated one — Reggie ended up falling hard and fast for Veronica, but Ronnie just wanted to feel better after her breakup with Archie, which meant Reggie was just a rebound.

“Getaway Car” paints a picture of two Bonnie and Clyde-like lovers who escape the misery of real life together, but one of them was just using the other as a means to get out of a bad situation, much like Veronica toyed with Reggie (they also pulled off heists and schemes together) but eventually went to her true love Archie once she was done.

Cheryl & Toni – “Dancing With Our Hands Tied”

Riverdale can be pretty unrealistic at times, but what it got right about being a teenager was the struggles of sexuality and being accepted that Cheryl and Toni went through. “Dancing With Our Hands Tied” paints a vivid picture of a relationship that was doomed from the start, but the two lovers still “loved without reason” and danced with the limits placed on them by society.

Choni’s love started in secret — it ignited like a flame and even though Cheryl had been burned before, she went all in and even asked Toni to move in, turning their “bed into a secret oasis.” Toni’s ancestry and societal norms, however, kept their hands tied.

Kevin & Fangs – “Mr. Perfectly Fine (Taylor’s Version) [From The Vault]”

After one of the longest-running relationships on Riverdale, Kevin and Fangs broke up in rather unspectacular fashion, right after they discussed having a child together and co-parenting it with Toni. This meant that the relationship was very serious, but the breakup seemed to barely affect either of them and they were both perfectly fine.

This Taylor Swift melody describes an ex-lover who moved on suspiciously fast from a breakup, he was completely unaffected, living life as usual and living the high life. In this case, both Kev and Fangs were “Mr. Perfectly Fine” after breaking each other’s hearts, although Fangs moved on a bit too quickly, and that too with Kevin’s ex Moose.

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