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Real-Life Harry Potter Sells His Sorcerer’s Stone First Edition Book For $37,000

A British man, who is actually named Harry Potter, just sold his first edition copy of the Sorcerer’s Stone book for $37,000 in an auction.

A rare first edition copy of Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone (since changed to The Sorcerer’s Stone) was sold by a man named Harry Potter for $37,000. The first book in JK Rowling’s magical series about the Boy Who Lived debuted in 1997. Audiences of all ages around the world were immediately enraptured by the mystical tale of the young wizard who discovers his magical bloodline on his birthday. Books soared off the shelves faster than a nimbus 3000, with readers hungry for more.

Over two decades after the first novel’s grand entrance into the literary world, Harry Potter is considered one of the most successful franchises of all time. The seven book series catapulted to an entirely new realm after spawning eight beloved film adaptations. It’s since received Wizarding World spin-offs like Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, the hit play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, and even theme park attractions. Needless to say, Harry Potter is a household name.

Harry Potter has literally always been a household name at the Potter home in Waterlooville, England. BBC confirmed that real-life Harry Potter auctioned off his rare first edition copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone for about $37,000. When he was eight years old, Potter was given the book as a gift from his dad David who couldn’t believe there was a fantasy book in stores featuring his son’s name. Now 33 years old, Potter decided to sell the cherished item in honor of his father’s passing from cancer.

Harry’s sister Katie Sign recalled the unbelievable moment their father came home with the book, saying everyone was shocked. They primarily thought someone had written a book about their Harry Potter. After the franchise’s success grew exponentially the tables turned. Potter says that no one believes his name is really Harry Potter. The family says that while it was emotional to sell the book, it also felt like a magical full circle moment.

It’s a wonder that the Potter family received one of the initial hard copies. It’s one of merely 500 from the first print run, featuring several misprints like the word “Philosopher’s” being misspelled on the back cover. Hansons Auctions in Etwall, Derbyshire sold Harry Potter’s Harry Potter to a private buyer in the UK.

While the hefty price tag is no surprise these days, author JK Rowling’s properties didn’t always bring in heaps of cash. In fact, Rowling was struggling immensely and living on government welfare while writing the first book. While her unique imagination conjured up Hogwarts and all its sparkling adventures, it’s doubtful Rowling could have imagined that Harry Potter would one day be so successful that media would cover the auction of her book once owned by a real-life Harry Potter.

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