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Supernatural: The Main Locations/Sets, Ranked

From hell to heaven, and dark, barren lands like the apocalypse world, Supernatural is replete with locations and sets that are off the beaten track.

From Heaven and Hell to the Empty, the cult fantasy series Supernatural was replete with spaces, sets, or locations that were ripe with fantastic or magical connotations. Then again, there were settings that were mundane to the point of being dreary, but all along the brothers Winchester saved the world repeatedly as they jumped between places and very often between worlds.

The locales on the show were thus far from usual. But that didn’t come as a surprise, as the hunter brothers tirelessly battled against forces of apocalyptic nature. And, within the Supernatural universe, people could go to sleep in peace as Sam and Dean Winchester fought the good fight for them.

7 Heaven

Heaven was far from heavenly in Supernatural. The abode of God, angels, and other celestial entities was neither the most pleasant nor the most desirable place to be. After the Great Fall of the angels, where a large number of angels had simply been ejected from Heaven, whoever remained was shown to be mostly selfish, cowardly, and weak.

Chaos reigned after God seemed to have disappeared, and Heaven became a place whoever had power could exercise their superiority, be that a Castiel who’d gone rogue or the Devil himself.

6 The Winchester Home

The home where the Winchesters had lived was featured very little during the record run of the series, but it nevertheless played a significant part. It was their home that had set up the premise for the entire show.

Who can forget the pilot episode where Mary Winchester died a horrifying death as John looked on helplessly? This tragedy laid the foundation for all that was to come and was the reason why John Winchester, followed by Dean and an unwilling Sam, all became hunters in the first place. The Winchester home was featured once more in the season 1 episode, “Home”, where the brothers had to go back to their childhood home in Kansas to investigate spirit activities.

5 Hell

One of the more important locations within the show was Hell, the place where demons loomed large, where Lucifer had been cast away by God in a cage, and where fan-favorite Crowley reigned supreme as the King of Hell until that coveted position was taken up by the Queen of Hell, Rowena.

In fact, Hell was where most of the major villains on Supernatural showed up at various times. Many of Crowley’s most loved moments, from his meeting with his mother Rowena to his dethroning and humiliation in the hands of a Castiel-shaped Devil, happened within the realms of Hell. But more importantly, Hell played a crucial role in Dean Winchester’s arc as he was killed by hellhounds at the end of season 3 and was forced to torture humans in Hell before he was pulled out by none other than Cas.

4 Bobby’s House & Scrapyard

Yet another important location was the beloved Bobby Singer’s house and scrapyard that was like a home away from home for the Winchesters for several seasons. This was where they would pore over dozens of books on all things supernatural, where they had fought ghosts of people they couldn’t save during season 4’s rising of the witnesses.

Bobby’s house also became the spot for much of the drama when Sam lost his soul in season 6. Fans will recall Sam being tied up for his own good in the panic room after Death had brought his soul back. The house and the scrapyard got lost in the pages of Supernatural history after Bobby’s shocking death, but fans will always recall these sets fondly.

3 Motel Rooms

Motel rooms dictated the lives of the Winchester brothers as they crisscrossed across towns and states throughout the country. Seeing how they were basically broke, Sam and Dean could hardly afford anything more than tacky, dilapidated motels as they saved hundreds from devastating fates. But, they didn’t covet much more.

However, life in the motels did get to them at times. For instance, in “Yellow Fever”, one of the funniest ever episodes on Supernatural, Dean got infected by ghost sickness. He had a bit of a meltdown and wanted to simply walk away from the life, “with the bad diner food and the skeevy motel rooms”. Fans felt for him as he seemed to desire a normal life like everyone else.

2 The Bunker

For Dean and Sam, home was wherever they holed up. But since season 8, the two brothers found what became their permanent settlement and base of operations right until Dean died so tragically in the finale. It can be assumed that Sam moved out at some point after that.

The bunker belonged to the Men of Letters whose legacy was brought up by the brothers themselves. The entire place warded off evil and supernatural entities, although that didn’t prevent powerful forces like God, the Darkness, Michael, or Lucifer from dropping in. The bunker bore witness to the Winchester brothers’ last days together and became a vital part of their tale.

1 Baby

Last but definitely not the least was ‘Baby’, the 1967 Chevy Impala that accompanied the boys wherever they went, and even turned up in Heaven along with Dean.

The Impala was where the brothers on Supernatural had some of their most emotional moments, and the entire season 5 finale, “Swan Song”, was narrated from the Impala’s perspective. Sam and Dean, especially the latter, adored the car, which was as much a character on the show as the brothers and their allies. In fact, the Impala was probably their biggest ally that stayed faithful until the very end and even beyond. The car knew more about the boys than they did themselves and was the most important so-called set or locale in the entire series.

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