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Melissa Rauch Talks Motherhood, ‘The Big Bang Theory,’ & Her Oscar’s Kids Charity

Fans of The Big Bang Theory know Melissa Rauch as Bernadette, but in reality, this actress doesn’t just play a working mom on TV — she actually is one. Last year, Melissa and her husband, Winston Rauch, welcomed their second child, Brooks, who joins their 3-year-old daughter, Sadie.

Recently, Melissa caught up with CafeMom’s Momtourage podcast to talk all things motherhood, her career, and the charity she founded — as well as why it’s so near and dear to her heart.

As a mother of two, Melissa loved the way ‘The Big Bang Theory’ portrayed Bernadette as a mom.

Melissa says she was a big fan of the way the show tackled her character’s journey to motherhood, including the fact that Bernadette wasn’t sure at first if she’d even want to have children.

Bernadette became a mom on the show before Melissa was one in real life, and she really appreciated seeing “the push and pull of loving her job and knowing she was gonna go back to it but also the struggle of now having this family at home who her heart was with.”

She adds, “As every human being is different, every mom is different. There’s no one-size-fits-all motherhood vibe that we all feel.”

She also opened up about her charity, Oscar’s Kids.

In September, Melissa launched the nonprofit, which works to help fund research for diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma, an aggressive form of pediatric cancer which she learned about after a Big Bang Theory fan’s parents reached out to her.

“Oscar’s Kids is in honor of this amazing little boy by the name of Oscar Keogh from Ireland, who I became very close with during my time on Big Bang,” she explains. “His amazing parents were just doing everything they could to bring as much joy to their son’s life as possible, so I was just a small part of that outreach.”

Finding out about Oscar led Melissa to research DIPG, and after Oscar died from the disease, she and her husband teamed up with his parents to raise even more funds to hopefully prevent other families from going through what the Keoghs did.

“There’s currently no cure, and we want to change that while also endeavoring to bring as much joy and Oscar’s magic to families and children who are undergoing treatment,” Melissa says.

Melissa revealed the mom duties she would love to outsource.

Talking about her own kids, Melissa shared that if she could hire someone to take a parenting responsibility off her plate, it would definitely be getting rid of the clothes her children have outgrown to save her the heartbreak.

“Even before I was a mom, I had such issues with the passage of time,” she says. “Boxing up children’s clothes after they outgrow them will destroy me.”

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