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Riverdale season 5 episode 18: Face the future

Welcome to Riverdale Queer Watch, where we look out for the LGBTQ+ folks on The CW’s Riverdale each week. Whether it’s a snuff film or prom night, we’re watching.

Last week’s episode saw Betty and Jughead’s Lonely Highway investigation come to a head as Toni and Fangs faced the challenges of new parenthood together while Toni helped an at-risk Riverdale High student.

This week’s episode primarily focused on the tragic aftermath of Polly’s death as Alice waded in denial and Betty tried to help her in a Next to Normal musical episode. Without further ado, let’s dive in.
Riverdale Queer Watch: Tangs rising

After Britta came out in last week’s episode, her family has kicked her out of her home, leaving Toni to help her find a new one as the school social worker. Fangs finally suggests she asks Cheryl.

Later, Toni tells Fangs she loves him, he says he loves her, too, and they share a kiss. I’m not opposed to this ship. In fact, I’m kind of here for it. But didn’t this come awfully fast? Are they going to have a talk about what happens to their baby if they break up? What about Moose? What about Cheryl and Kevin?

(Sidebar: I guess Kevin completely abandoned this baby. He really has nothing going on this season other than breaking up with Fangs. I thought he might still want to be involved somehow?…)
Riverdale Queer Watch: Church of Cheryl

In Cheryl’s musical number for the episode, Penelope confronts her daughter over whether or not the church is real, and Cheryl exorcises her mother from the church. If this whole religious thing doesn’t go somewhere in the finale, I’m going to be very annoyed.

Meanwhile, we learn that Cheryl is keeping Polly’s never seen twins while Alice and Betty have time to grieve, which Toni tells her is sweet. The two share a meaningful glance, but it’s clear Cheryl is reading more into it than Toni. Sigh.

As the episode winds down, Toni asks Cheryl if she’ll take in Britta, telling her she knows she has a huge heart and a huge capacity to love because she’s seen it firsthand. It’s still unclear to me why Cheryl is so withdrawn, but I’m here for all the Choni moments.

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