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‘Supernatural’ Stars, EPs Reflect on the Show’s Enduring Family Bonds [Exclusive]

On November 19, 2020, after 15 seasons stretching over 327 episodes, The CW’s long-running hit series Supernatural finally came to a close. And when it did, it doubled down on the message the show had started with: what makes a family?

“So in Supernatural, our character, Bobby Singer, played by the wonderful Jim Beaver, has a quote: family don’t end in blood,” star Jared Padalecki recalls in a bonus feature rolling out on the Supernatural: The Fifteenth and Final Season and Superatural: The Complete Series Blu-Rays and DVDs, which hits stores on May 25.

The exclusive featurette debuting here on Decider, titled “Supernatural: Family Don’t End in Blood,” is one of the many new features on the sets, including gag reels, deleted scenes and much, much more. While the Fifteenth Season set contains 843 minutes of pure Supernatural episode goodness, and another 179 minutes of bonus features, the Complete Series contains — deep breath — 13,716 min of episodes, and another 3,226 min of enhanced content. Yeah, this show ran for a while, folks.

“You know it’s one of the many mottos of Supernatural,” Jensen Ackles continues in the featurette, “it is the family that you choose, and the people that you care about, and fight next to, and that you fight to save… And that inspire you… And that push you.”

Co-star Misha Collins agrees with the assessment, noting that, “who’s your clan, who are the people you care about the most? And obviously, two orphaned brothers couldn’t care about anything more in the world than one another. But they envelop this community of people who also care about them and one another.”

You can watch the rest of the featurette above, which includes Jensen Ackles riding around on a tiny bike, and snag Supernatural: The Complete Series on Blu-ray and DVD on May 25 from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment.

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