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Supergirl’s Ending Can’t Satisfy Everyone – and It Shouldn’t Try To

Instead of trying to please everyone in the divided Supergirl fanbase, the show needs to carry its characters’ stories to fruition.

Supergirl first began airing in 2015 on CBS before making the jump over to The CW to join its fellow Arrowverse shows. Now on its sixth and final season in 2021, Supergirl has come a long way from telling the story of Superman’s cousin who wants to prove she can be a hero, too. During that time, the fanbase for the show has grown more divided over the directions Supergirl has gone in.

From who should date Kara to whether there’s too much politics in the subplots, Supergirl fans have found themselves on opposite sides over the answers to these questions. Yet with it being in its final season, the show is expected to end in a spectacular way that will satisfy all. Instead of going for a grand gesture just to win fan cheers or jeers, it’s important that the series ends in the most logical way possible while finishing the character storylines developed so far.

Character progression has been an important part of Supergirl Season 6. Nia and Lena have each been on their own missions of connecting with their mothers, people they were separated from too soon. Kara managed to reconnect with her father while also continuously exploring how she use her status as a superhero and as a reporter to help people outside of beating up bad guys. Kelly has developed into her own as the new Guardian while sharing a loving relationship with Alex.

Each of these storylines have weaved into the overarching plot of stopping the 5th Dimensional Imp Nyxly from doing serious cosmic damage to the planet. The series is heading in a good direction to end by successfully completing each character’s storyline. The addition of Nyxly in the second half of Season 6 gave the series a clear antagonist to build up to while developing the characters. On top of that, the show has stayed away from repetitive storylines like Kara’s romances while also promising the return of OG characters like James Olsen and Winn Schott.

The culmination of the individual storylines and the final battle against Nyxly is set up to pay off big time if the series keeps up its momentum. Lena’s development of magical abilities, though likely to cause arguments in the fanbase, means she will play a big part against the magical Nyxly. Nia is determined to fix her mistake of releasing Nyxly into the world, giving her major stakes in the upcoming battles as well.

With the goals and motivations of the series’ characters clear and neatly tied into the main story, the show doesn’t have to worry about going out of its way to satisfy everyone. Regardless of division in the fandom over past arguments, the show will succeed in satisfying more people simply by coming to a logical ending that completes the stories set up earlier in Season 6.

The reunion of Kara with her father allowed her to again be with her parents, who she now knows survived the destruction of Krypton. Nia’s bargain with Nyxly, though costly, allowed her to learn from her mother and receive her acceptance of Nia’s true self. M’gann and J’onn, though more in the background this season, have continued showing their devotion to each other. When M’gann nearly lost her soul to the Phantoms of the Phantom Zone, J’onn stopped at nothing to save her. Each character has had a clear arc throughout the course of the season.

The biggest question waiting to be answered is what state the show will leave its heroes in. Will Kara decide to move to Argo City now that both her parents are alive and well? Will Nyxly succeed in taking down one of the heroes before they stop her? Perhaps her magic will cause another major change to Earth-Prime’s history and explain why Superman & Lois never mentions the female Kryptonian. No matter the outcome, Supergirl is poised to end on a strong note so long as it carries through with its current course.

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