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Supernatural: Every Hunter Who Turned Into A Monster (Including Dean)

Supernatural’s large community of hunters seek to end monsters wherever they may be, but sometimes they themselves take a turn for the monstrous.

Supernatural’s large community of hunters seek to end monsters wherever they may be, but sometimes they themselves take a turn for the monstrous. When one makes a life and/or career out of battling evil, there always seems to be an inherent risk of falling over to the dark side, or at least that’s what much fiction suggests. Whether it’s willingly to develop powers that can then theoretically be used against the creatures, giving in to the allure of being bad and the power that comes with it, or just being forcibly turned in the line of duty, there’s always a risk of heroes becoming villains.

That held true for several characters on Supernatural, both major and minor, that set out to take monsters down, only to become what they used to loathe, such as through the bite of a vampire or werewolf. Some do better with this change than others while, in a few cases, the transformation in question was able to be reversed. Most times though, the initial turn proves in some way traumatic.

Here’s the full rundown of hunters in the Supernatural universe that turned into some kind of inhuman monster. With Supernatural’s run concluded, there may never be more names added to the group, although with a prequel on the way, there is still potential for more turns. Supernatural might be dead, but it’s not buried too far underground.

Vampires were one of the most frequently encountered monsters on Supernatural, and Dean Winchester himself became a vampire during season 6’s “Live Free or Twihard.” This was during the period when Sam returned from Lucifer’s Cage in hell, but came back soulless. Dean gets attacked and forced to drink the blood of a vampire, beginning his transformation. Thankfully, he’s saved by a cure provided by their grandfather Samuel, who had been brought back from the dead previously. In season 9, the Mark of Cain is transferred to Dean by Cain himself, and when he’s killed in the season finale, Dean resurrects as a demon, specifically a Knight of Hell. He’s cured after a few episodes though, of course.

Gordon Walker (played by future This Is Us star Sterling K. Brown) was a recurring hunter character that appeared in Supernatural seasons 2 and 3. Gordon was a proficient killer of monsters, but was also very much someone who believed that the ends justified whatever means necessary, and was clearly mentally unstable. He eventually ended up on a collision course with Sam and Dean, but was turned into a vampire along the way. Undeterred, he continued pursuing Sam and was ultimately decapitated with razor wire.

Garth Fitzgerald IV, by contrast, was a hunter who became good friends with Sam and Dean, first appearing in season 7. By season 9 though, it’s revealed that Garth was turned into a werewolf offscreen, and ended up meeting and falling in love with a fellow werewolf named Bess. However, the couple, who later start a family, only feed on animal hearts and don’t hunt humans. The Winchesters decide to allow their family to live, despite their monstrous nature. Finally, there’s Claire Novak, daughter of Castiel’s vessel and resident Wayward Sisters member. She became a hunter when she grew up, but was captured by a werewolf in Supernatural season 12’s “Ladies Drink Free.” She’s turned, but the process is reversed quickly thanks to help from Sam, Dean, and the Men of Letters.

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