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Daniel Radcliffe Denies That He Broke 100 Wands Filming Harry Potter

Daniel Radcliffe has heard the rumors that he broke over a hundred wands while filming the Harry Potter movies, and he’d like to clear them up.

Daniel Radcliffe strongly disputes the idea that he broke over a hundred wands while filming the Harry Potter movies. Radcliffe has enjoyed an exciting and varied career, but he will always be remembered for his star-making turn as Harry Potter. Audiences literally got to watch Radcliffe grow up before their very eyes as he appeared in all eight movies. As this year is the 20th anniversary of the first Harry Potter, the nostalgia appears to be higher than ever even as the franchise continues to expand in other ways.

There are no more Harry Potter books to adapt, but the Wizarding World has produced several other stories. Warner Bros. is pushing forward with its Fantastic Beasts prequel series, with the third movie currently scheduled to hit theaters in July 2022. Elsewhere, the award-winning play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child will return to stages all over the world in the coming months as fans wait to see if it will ever become a movie. Finally, HBO Max is reportedly developing a Harry Potter TV series, though execs have downplayed the full extent of it.

With Harry Potter still looming quite large in pop culture, Radcliffe got the opportunity to clear up a misconception about his time on set in a new interview with WIRED. When presented with the question of how many wands did he break while filming the movies, Radcliffe declared, “This is a rumor I’d like to disperse.” He then went on to say:

There is a thing that I sometimes see on Twitter – that’s like, when I’m going on it to not have one but look at other people’s – [an] amazing fact or weird trivia thing will pop up, and it’ll be like, ‘Daniel Radcliffe broke a hundred wands, or like sixty wands, on set.’ It’s not that many, guys. I used to like, use them and drum on my leg with it the whole time… and eventually, you know, you sort of wear them down, and they will break. But yeah, it wasn’t as many as that. I feel like everyone got through a few. And I was probably 12… maximum, absolute maximum of 20.

Radcliffe has talked in the past about his habit of wearing his Harry Potter wands down on set, and the concept of him breaking wand after wand has led these rumors to flourish. Considering how he began filming the Harry Potter movies when he was very young, it makes sense that there would’ve been some accidents. Of course, as Radcliffe has now pointed out, he didn’t cause that many. Clearly, he learned how to control himself.

Radcliffe was most recently seen in the third season of TBS’ Miracle Workers. His next project is the Sandra Bullock-Channing Tatum romcom The Lost City of D. Even with so many exciting roles coming up, though, fans are always most curious to know if he’ll ever make a return to Harry Potter. Radcliffe has said he would be open to the idea, even revealing which characters he’d like to play if there was ever a reboot. For the time being, though, fans will have to settle for hearing Radcliffe pick his favorite Harry Potter and recount his memories from set. Honestly, that isn’t too bad of a prospect.

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