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Supernatural’s “Ghostfacers” Are The Show’s Longest Surviving Characters

Supernatural featured some supernaturally strong characters, but its longest surviving characters are a pair of regular humans — the Ghostfacers.

Supernatural has had some colorful characters throughout its 15 seasons, but one duo survived longer than any other characters — the Ghostfacers. While the paranormal hunting duo played a small part in the series, their survival streak beats even Sam and Dean’s. But how did the pair become the longest surviving characters on the show?

The Ghostfacers — Harry Spangler and Ed Zeddmore — serve as the hunter’s natural enemy. The pair of best friends run a campy, over-dramatized paranormal investigation TV show. The Ghostfacers have a serious following, much to the Winchesters’ chagrin; enough followers that they once willed a supernatural being into existence through their collective belief. While they take their investigations seriously, they’re oblivious to the true danger they’re in on their investigations. Throughout the series, the Winchesters frequently arrive just in time to save the duo. While the members of the Ghostfacers frequently fluctuated — either due to death or wanting to start a normal life — Harry and Ed remained as the heart of the Ghostfacers until they disbanded in Supernatural season 9.


The Ghostfacers have presented some memorable cases throughout their time on Supernatural. They first appeared in season 1 episode 17, “Hell House,” where they run into Sam and Dean repeatedly inside of a haunted house that both teams are investigating. In season 3 episode 13 “Ghostfacers,” the Winchesters star in the pair’s new show, Ghostfacers, while they investigate the Morton Mansion. As their team gets picked off one by one, Harry and Ed barely make it out alive — but, they manage to survive with the Winchesters’ help. They just barely squeak out alive once more in season 9, when the Winchesters have to save them from the men behind the Thinman murders. It’s after this close call that the Ghostfacers break up for good, as Harry discovers that Ed was faking cases in order to keep him in the Ghostfacers.

While other side characters may have played more integral roles or appeared more frequently, the Ghostfacers have survived the entire length of the show. With their introduction in Supernatural season 1 and zero total deaths, they earn the title of the longest surviving characters. Sam and Dean both die several times throughout the series — though they always make it back somehow, the brothers don’t have the best streaks when it comes to staying alive. Castiel (Misha Collins) isn’t introduced until season 4, giving the Ghostfacers a three-season headstart. While Bobby was introduced in season 1, he dies in season 7, spending the rest of the series as a spirit. Other major side characters — Jack Kline, Charlie Bradbury, Sheriff Jodi — all have shorter survival runs than the Ghostfacers, putting them out of the running for the longest surviving.

Their disbandment in Supernatural season 9 might be the key to their survival; after the Ghostfacers broke up, Ed and Harry were no longer in the fray of the supernatural. The few times they were involved in serious cases, Sam and Dean were there to protect them from the negative consequences of the cases they chased. Despite their rivalry, the Ghostfacers would have died long ago without the help of the Winchesters. The Winchesters may have disliked the two’s theatrics, but they were an integral part in solving multiple cases throughout the series. It’s due to this reluctant teamwork that the duo became Supernatural’s longest surviving characters.

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