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Supernatural: 5 Reasons Dean & Jo Should’ve Been A Couple (& 5 Why Not)

Dean and Jo may have had things in common, but that doesn’t mean it would’ve meant the perfect relationship.

Supernatural provided plenty of memorable relationships over its 15 seasons. However, there were potential pairings that never exactly came to be. Fans are certainly familiar with the love story that never had the chance to be explored between Dean Winchester and Jo Harvelle. Off the bat, the two couldn’t have been more perfect for one another, as they shared various interests and a palpable chemistry.

Yet they never did end up together, and there are underlying reasons as to why the two remained just friends. While they had potential as a couple, friendship was ultimately the best thing for the two of them.

Should’ve Been A Couple: They Prioritized Hunting

The most die-hard Supernatural fans are more than familiar with both Jo’s and Dean’s backstories. Both were born into hunter families, as Jo’s father was a hunter and Dean’s mother had left the life behind prior to marrying his father. Yet the two delved into hunting in their own ways, Jo because she wanted to feel close with her deceased father, and Dean because he was driven by revenge to kill the thing that had taken his mother from him. The two are driven and nothing short of hardcore hunters, and their understanding of that drive in one another would’ve made them a good couple, rather than developing any resentment between the two.

Better As Friends: Neither Wanted To Settle Down

Dean and Jo like action and adventure. Given their hunting lifestyles, the two probably wouldn’t have the most stable relationship, as hunts could keep them apart from time to time. Given Dean’s nature of flirting and dating various women, it’s likely that he’d go on dates when he wasn’t with Jo, and she’d probably do the same. They wouldn’t have a strong dedication to each other. Thus, a friendship is better between them, as a relationship would be too difficult to keep up and maintain given their hunting lifestyles.

Should’ve Been A Couple: Both Were Dedicated To Their Fathers

The biggest drive for both Dean and Jo in their desire to be hunters goes back to their fathers. Jo was close with her father and lost him early in her life. Dean was always close with John on Supernatural and took more responsibility than most kids in helping him. Dean listened to his father and obeyed his every order, which is something even Sam didn’t understand.

Their bonds with their fathers are a big part of who Jo and Dean are, and the fact that they would understand that about one another would be a big deal, as it would avoid most fights or misunderstandings when it comes to their overall drive for hunting.

Better As Friends: They Got Under Each Other’s Skin

Dean and Jo had a tendency to get under each other’s skin from time to time. This was especially evident in the Supernatrual season 2 episode “No Exit.” While hunting the ghost of a serial killer, Dean repeatedly tries to rein in Jo, who’s only too happy to be on her first case. Jo is soon captured by the ghost, leaving Dean and Sam to rescue her. Jo had underestimated the dangers and had nearly paid the ultimate price for it, and it was a hard lesson for her to learn. Dean had tried to warn her and was annoyed at how she kept trying to take the lead and refused to listen to him. That dynamic makes them better friends in the end.

Should’ve Been A Couple: It Would Have Made Great Storylines

It was mentioned in the series that Jo’s father died in a hunt gone wrong. Dean’s father John had been present too. Had Jo and Dean been together, would that story have been explored further? Plus, the limitless storylines that could’ve been born from a relationship between Dean and Jo would’ve been fun to watch. Their dynamics, their quirks, and how they would work out life on the road together are all good storylines, as well as how their relationship as a couple would affect them hunting together. Would they have rules? Would Dean be too overprotective? A good running gag could’ve been possible in the form of occasionally making Sam a third wheel. It’s too bad audiences will never know.

Better As Friends: A Never-Ending Power Struggle

Dean is always the leader. He makes all the decisions, leads the way into battle, and doesn’t like to be questioned. While Sam is OK with that, Jo certainly wouldn’t be. Jo is stubborn and headstrong, every bit as much as Dean, and their personalities would certainly clash more often than not because of that, especially on a hunt. Jo would probably ignore Dean and appoint herself as the leader, which would annoy him, and vice versa.

That can get dangerous on a hunt, and it certainly wouldn’t make for the healthiest of relationships between them, so their best bet is to remain good friends to avoid all that trouble.

Should’ve Been A Couple: They Both Prioritized Family

Audiences know how close Dean and Sam are on Supernatural. They literally went to Hell and back for each another. Likewise, Jo is close to her family. Though she and her mother disagreed on hunting, Ellen eventually joined her daughter and the duo hunted together all the way up until their deaths. Jo was severely wounded but Ellen was unwilling to leave her, and died in the following explosion with her daughter, proving that she would do absolutely anything for Jo. In any case, Jo’s and Dean’s closeness with their families is important, and the two would understand those bonds and respect them, treating one another’s family like their own. It would make for a great relationship for them as they wouldn’t be complaining about family members, and they’d get to have even more family in the end, which is all they wanted, especially Dean.

Better As Friends: Priorities Change

Dean and Jo could have several adventures traveling the country and hunting monsters together. However, they would always be in the same place in their relationship, never necessarily moving forward. That could get frustrating for them after some time, especially if one of them changed their minds and decided they wanted more, or even wanted to leave the hunting business altogether. People change, as do their wants and needs, and if the other person in the relationship isn’t on the same page, that quickly becomes problematic. Thus, Dean and Jo were better off following their own paths and remaining friends.

Should’ve Been A Couple: Their Strong Chemistry

Obviously, Dean and Jo shared a strong and undeniable chemistry from the start. The two definitely had a spark between them, and it could’ve gone somewhere had things been different. Even when Jo came back as a ghost in the Supernatural season 7 episode “Defending Your Life”, she and Dean still held that connection.

Plus, they obviously regretted not seeing where their relationship could have gone, if that emotional goodbye in season 5 prior to Jo’s and Ellen’s deaths is anything to go by, as Dean kissed Jo and shared an emotional look with her. It’s heartbreaking for many fans because that chemistry had so much potential.

Better As Friends: Timing Was Always Off

Not long after Dean and Jo had first met, Dean did try flirting with her but didn’t go through with it. His dad had just died, and he couldn’t bring himself to start anything up with Jo. As the two acknowledged themselves, it always seemed to be bad timing between the two. Timing is important, especially when two people looking to start up a relationship are wanting the same things and are ready to commit. Otherwise, it doesn’t end well. For Dean and Jo, the timing never quite lined up, and there’s probably a good reason behind that. Hence, friendship was the best option. They were great friends, and the two had many memorable moments together in the series.

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