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Big Bang Theory Star Shares Throwback Amy & Sheldon Selfie

The Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik evokes nostalgia by sharing a throwback selfie with Jim Parsons, who plays her on-screen partner, Sheldon.

Mayim Bialik posts a throwback image of her and Sheldon actor, Jim Parsons while on their break filming The Big Bang Theory. The actress played Amy Farrah Fowler in the hit CBS show. While she was a late addition to the ensemble just like Melissa Rauch, she played a pivotal part in the series, particularly with regard to Sheldon’s overall narrative which ended with them winning the Nobel Prize in Physics.

When The Big Bang Theory first premiered in 2007, only Kaley Cuoco’s Penny was its main female character. That all changed when CBS decided to give Sheldon and Howard (Simon Helberg) their respective love interests in season 4. From there, Amy and Bernie became mainstays until the series wrapped up in 2019. Despite the sitcom still raking in high ratings and the cast enjoying immense popularity, Parsons decided to walk away in an effort to try other projects. Instead of finding a way to write him out, which meant also including Bialik since they’re married, everyone agreed to wrap it up altogether.

More than two years later since The Big Bang Theory capped off, Bialik looks back at her experience with a throwback mirror selfie with Parsons. The actress shared the snap on Instagram without providing any other detail when the photo was taken. But since her co-star is not wearing his signature two-layered top, chances are that this was taken during rehearsals. Check out the photo below:

Out of the all seven main cast members of The Big Bang Theory, it’s Bialik and Cuoco who have been vocal about their time in the show, including when they decided to end it. For Cuoco, she admitted that she would’ve gladly played Penny for several more years, revealing that she wanted to continue the show. So, it was a shock for her upon finding out about Parsons’ decision. In any case, she’s happy now, calling the end of The Big Bang Theory a blessing in disguise as it allowed her to venture out of sitcoms and do her critically acclaimed show, The Flight Attendant on HBO Max. As for Bialik, she, interestingly, revealed that there were other factors for the CBS series ending aside from Parsons wanting to leave. Unfortunately, she didn’t expound on this matter.

Looking at the setting of the aforementioned set image, chances are that this was taken during the production of Amy and Sheldon’s wedding at the end of The Big Bang Theory season 11. In it, they had a breakthrough with their Nobel-winning work on Super Asymmetry. Meanwhile, Mark Hamill was the ceremony’s officiant. This means that this snap was taken around three years ago. Despite the end of the sitcom, Parsons and Bialik continue to work together on a new project in Call Me Kat which the former produces and the latter stars in.

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