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Angelina Jolie Discusses Her ‘Wanted 2’ Departure

Angelina Jolie discusses her abrupt departure from Wanted 2 – the follow-up to director Timur Bekmambetov’s assassin-action film Wanted.

Despite a healthy batch of Angelina Jolie films en route, including The Tourist and Kung Fun Panda: The Kaboom of Doom, her sharp exodus from Timur Bekmambetov’s Wanted 2 was still somewhat of a surprise – considering the director had promised she would reappear.

On the road, promoting her new film Salt, Jolie offered an explanation for her abrupt departure.

Speaking to Coming Soon at a recent Salt junket, Jolie was very direct about her choice to leave the Wanted franchise behind. If you haven’t seen the first Wanted film, consider turning back, Jolie’s quote (as well as the rest of the article) contain major spoilers:

“Being dead makes it difficult. They were (trying to bring me back) but I kind of feel like if I die in a movie, I should die actually. I’m that way, and that character is not as complex as Salt. It would just be doing the exact same thing in another movie, so it’s not that interesting to me.”

Jolie certainly deserves a round of applause for holding the line – with regard to Fox’s death. It wouldn’t have been difficult for the Wanted 2 writers to simply utilize a more intensive version of the healing bath from the first film, but the character of Fox would certainly have lost a lot of integrity in her return. Not to mention the resurrection would definitely deflate the power of the final Wanted showdown.

However, speaking of character, Jolie seems somewhat quick to throw her Wanted heroine under the bus. Fox was one of the more compelling characters in the original film, and it’s interesting to hear Jolie describe her as “less-complex” than the current role she’s promoting. It makes sense that Fox might not be as interesting, or challenging, the second time around – but to make a blanket statement that the character, in general, is less-complex feels a bit “been there, done that.”

If Jolie isn’t excited about Fox as a character after two years, it might be hard for movie-lovers to get excited about returning to Wanted for any repeat viewings. Will Jolie say the same thing about Salt should she end up promoting Cleopatra in two years?

In addition to discussing Wanted 2, Jolie did offer updates on Steven Soderbergh’s aforementioned Cleopatra musical as well as the possibility she’ll play Malificent in Tim Burton’s live-action Sleeping Beauty film:

“It got out that we may be doing them, but we’re so in the early stages. Neither one has a script, but I’ve loved Malificent since I was a little girl, so when I heard somebody may be doing it, I was the first one to try to (get it). I would love to work with (Tim Burton), it would be a dream to work with him. I think he’s just extraordinary.”

In the mean time, rumors have put Twilight actress, Kristen Stewart, on the list of potential Jolie replacements for Wanted 2. One thing is for sure, no matter what Jolie thinks, Fox is significantly more complex than Kristen Stewart’s most famous role – Bella. Here’s hoping, if the rumors are true, that Stewart takes it up a notch for Wanted 2.

Wanted 2 is still aiming for a 2011 release, though director Timur Bekmambetov’s attachment to the upcoming Red Asphalt has temporarily bumped Wanted 2 production back.

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