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Kaley Cuoco Reveals The Big Bang Theory Scene Fans Always Bring Up

After playing Penny for more than a decade, Kaley Cuoco reveals the one particular The Big Bang Theory scene that fans keep bringing up to her.

Kaley Cuoco shares The Big Bang Theory scene that fans always reference when they see her. Debuting in 2007, The Big Bang Theory focused on a group of intelligent but socially awkward young adults in Pasadena. Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, and Raj’s lives, however, changed when they met Penny, an aspiring actress who’s not academically gifted but is wise and smart. For the first three seasons, Cuoco’s character was the only female lead in the sitcom, until Melissa Rauch and Mayim Bialik became series regulars at the start of season 4.

Throughout the course of The Big Bang Theory’s 12 seasons, Penny was involved in some of the most iconic scenes in the show. While she romantically partnered up with Leonard, her friendship with Sheldon was one of The Big Bang Theory’s strongest relationships, so many of Penny’s best scenes included him. Jim Parsons and Cuoco shared the screen countless times over the course of the show’s run. As it turns out, one of their recurring scenes is what fans often bring up to Cuoco.

Participating in THR’s Comedy Actress Roundtable, Cuoco revealed loyal followers of the show always bring up Sheldon’s repetitive knocking on Penny’s door whenever they see her. However, it seems like Cuoco finds it amusing rather than annoying. She explained:

I get a lot of people knocking at me. They’ll “knock, knock, knock, ‘Penny,’ knock, knock, knock, ‘Penny,’ ” multiple times. In a store, on a plane, on my body, they love to knock at me, and they think it’s very funny. [Laughs.]

In the early seasons of The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon’s obsessive knocking was primarily used for comedic purposes. It highlighted his knack for habits as he pretty consistently did it when entering someone else’s room, house, or apartment. But, later in the show, it’s revealed that this quirk has a dark origin. As Sheldon tells Penny, he came home early from college when he was 13 and accidentally walked in on his dad with another woman. Since then, he vowed to stop barging in so as to avoid witnessing anything else traumatic. This particular The Big Bang Theory storyline has yet to be discussed in Young Sheldon. But considering the time period that the prequel sitcom is tackling, addressing it is inevitable; otherwise, it risks creating more plot holes than it already has.

While Sheldon spared no one when it came to his knocking ways, Penny was almost always the subject of this since she lived across the hall from him. But aside from that, she’s also the only one who dared mock this particular quirk from him. One of the most memorable moments in The Big Bang Theory was when Penny did the same to Sheldon, leaving him perturbed, and sending them in a brief loop. Just last year, Cuoco even recreated the sequence to the delight of many fans. Considering the recurring bit is one of the show’s most talked about and often referenced scenes, it makes sense fans often bring up Sheldon knocking to Cuoco. Despite The Big Bang Theory ending in 2019, it’s clear the series and it’s most iconic jokes remain beloved by many.

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