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‘Supergirl’ Season 5 Deleted Scene: Winn Confides in Alex Over Losing His ‘Soulmate’ (Exclusive)

Supergirl welcomed back former series regular Jeremy Jordanfor a multi-episode arc in season 5 following the aftermath of “Crisis of Infinite Earths,” during which his character, Winn Schott, returned to the present to stop his doppelganger from changing his future. After Winn left with Mon-El in season 3, the tech expert began his own journey as a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes after saving countless lives in the future via a life-saving invention.

ET debuts an exclusive deleted scene from the episode, “Back From the Future — Part One,” where Winn (Jordan) confides in Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh) about his worries over losing the happy life he’s created well into the future with his wife, Ayla, and their young daughter, Mary. See, if his criminal doppelganger isn’t caught and Winn instead is arrested, he’d never have the opportunity to meet Ayla.

“Everything I love is on the line,” a worried Winn tells Alex in the exclusive clip, as he watches the bounty on his doppelganger go up every second. “And the last time I saw Ayla, I boarded the Legion ship and I promised her that I would fix this. And that I would return home to her.”

“I’m sorry, Winn,” Alex says, supporting her friend.

“I’d rather have a bad memory than the alternative,” Winn admits. “The thought of never knowing Ayla…”

“Sounds like you met your soulmate,” Alex observes.

“You know, I went to the future and I thought everything was going to be different. Like going to camp. I could start over and I was excited; create a new me,” he says, smiling at the memory. “Turns out I did not need to. Ayla just got me from Day 1.”

But the severity of his situation starts to haunt him. “It’s not just the picture, there are moments when I can’t remember her,” Winn confesses.

The deleted scene is featured on the Supergirl complete season 5 DVD and Blu-ray set, which also includes additional deleted scenes, a blooper reel and featurettes.

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