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90 Day Fiancé: Ellie Questioned For Leaving Life For Unfaithful Victor

American Ellie Rose is packing up her whole life in the United States for her fiancé Victor. However, fans think that Ellie is acting too quickly.

The 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 3 premiere finally provided viewers with new couples, though Ellie Rose and Victor’s relationship already appears to be in a bad place. The new couple will face many relationship obstacles this season, including a devastating hurricane and Victor’s past unfaithfulness. Though American Ellie has already established herself as a person worth rooting for, many viewers cannot understand her decision to give up her entire life for Victor.

Ellie lost her first husband to a tragic overdose, which caused many viewers to immediately sympathize with the Seattle pizza restaurant owner. When Ellie met Victor while on vacation, she fell for the Colombian man immediately. However, Ellie was contacted by another woman who was living with Victor while Ellie was dating Victor long-distance. Despite the realization, Ellie decided to sell her shares in her restaurant and move to the tiny Colombian island of Providencia to be with Victor. However, many viewers can’t get over Victor’s unfaithful post and are questioning if Ellie acted too rashly with her forgiveness.

One fan took to the r/90dayfiance Reddit to share the message that the woman Victor had been cheating on Ellie with sent to Ellie. “Damn, I was rooting for them up until this point,” the user said while watching the show. The message contained the line, “He is my boyfriend and he living in my house in Providencia” as well as “Victor he is good boy and he doesn’t want to hurt your heart, so someone had to inform you.” While Ellie immediately became sympathetic to viewers when she opened up about losing her beloved first husband, many fans don’t think that her relationship with Victor was salvageable after the bombshell message. Fans were disappointed to discover that Victor had already been unfaithful to Ellie, as audiences have been eager for new content and genuine franchise romances.

Ellie’s choice to pack up her entire life and not even give living with Victor a trial run has been questioned by many viewers, especially given her success in the US. “Imagine building a successful business in an expensive city like Seattle and just walking away from it? For a cheater. She’s making such a big mistake- I hope we’re wrong because she seems so genuine,” one top comment reads. Many viewers have cautioned Ellie against selling her business shares before she even tries living with Victor. “I really don’t understand why this just didn’t WAIT for his visa to the US. It’s hard enough to have a restaurant and she has one that is successful! It’s wild,” another fan wrote.

The general fan consensus was that Ellie is a very sweet lady who appears eager for love after heartbreak, but she is not making the best choice. 90 Day Fiancé fans have been eager for new franchise content, since recent seasons have been accused of recycling franchise drama. However, viewers also want to see couples succeed and doubt if Victor is genuine in his intentions with Ellie. Fortunately, Ellie and Victor aren’t the only new couple to be introduced. 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 3 will also feature newcomers Steven and Alina for more international romance and drama.

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