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90 Day Fiancé: Newcomer Ellie Is Already Earning Fan Support & Sympathy

Ellie and Victor are one of the newest 90 Day Fiancé franchise couples. Fans are already rooting for Ellie to get her happy ending on The Other Way.

Many franchise fans were excited to meet two new couples in the 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 3 premiere, and American Ellie Rose is already earning viewer support. The Seattle restaurant owner has made the bold decision to leave her entire life in America behind to pursue her relationship with Victor in Providencia, Colombia. Though 90 Day Fiancé fans are already doubting if the couple will last given Victor’s infidelity, many viewers want to see Ellie get a happy ending.

Ellie and Victor already have a rocky relationship, as Ellie found out Victor cheated and was living with another woman while they were dating long-distance. However, she had already fallen for the Colombian man, whom she met on vacation, and is determined to be with him no matter what. After Victor’s K-1 fiancé visa interview was canceled due to the pandemic, Ellie decided to permanently relocated to the tiny island Victor lives on. However, Hurricane Iota will be bringing mass destruction, as Ellie worries about Victor’s survival in upcoming episodes. Ellie’s fears over Victor are extra real since she already lost her first husband to an accidental overdose.

Viewers discussed Ellie’s tragic backstory on the r/90dayfiance Reddit. Though many are already questioning Victor’s intentions and doubting if he is with Ellie for the right reasons, fan are rooting for Ellie to find happiness and love. “Man, I’m rooting for this lady. What a terrible first marriage she had,” the original poster wrote about Ellie. Many comments quickly defended Ellie’s first marriage as being seemingly wonderful, though they noted the way she lost her husband was terrible. “Sounds like it was actually an amazing first marriage. The way he loved her so much. I feel terrible for her. She’s obviously been hurt by that and trying to make this work at any cause [sic] ☹️ poor woman,” another commenter wrote. Ellie’s vulnerability was touching to many viewers who want to see her happy.

While fans are rooting for Ellie to be happy, many have questioned her decision to drop everything to be with Victor. Ellie has built a successful life for herself in the United States and is leaving behind her support system and career to be with Victor. Viewers have questioned why Ellie didn’t do a trial period with Victor before selling her shares in the restaurant to her partner. “She could have taken a 3 month leave from her business, and left it with that dude while she checked out the boyfriend and the Island in real life,” one viewer suggested. Others added that while Ellie comes across as very likable, Victor already appears shady.

In addition to the devastation of the hurricane, Victor’s deception will play a large role in the couple’s drama. Previews for The Other Way season 3 have already shown Ellie seemingly breaking up with Victor and planning to move back to the United States. While Ellie seems genuinely in love and desperate to make things work, Victor’s infidelity is a glaring red flag to many fans. Not only did Victor cheat on Ellie while still talking to her, but he was actually living with another woman who revealed his deception to Ellie. However, viewers are happy to see a new couple on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, as Ellie and Victor are one of two new duos to join the franchise.

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