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Supernatural: 10 Storylines The Show Dropped

Some Supernatural storylines were dropped and left untouched for up to a decade while others, were teased, set up, and then never made a return.

With “Carry On,” fifteen seasons of Supernatural came to an end. Dean dies, Sam lives an apple-pie life, and the Winchester brothers end up in heaven. To many fans, it was unsatisfying, betraying character arcs and leaving unanswered questions. The finale was meant to have more to it, but it was not the firsttime Supernatural adapted and dropped parts of its stories.

With a show of Supernatural’s depth, complexity, and sheer length, many plotlines were bound to fall by the wayside, with some not getting proper endings, and some not even getting mentioned beyond one or two mentions; they were totally dropped.

Demon Dean

The demon Dean story ran its course in terms of having a start and end in Supernatural. But the storyline was so painfully short-lived that it is fair to say it was dropped prematurely.

After the iconic opening of Deanmon’s eyes in the season 9 finale, fans were excited to see a rampant, vicious, and evil demon Dean Winchester roam the streets as a Knight of Hell with Crowley by his side egging him on. Three episodes later, Sam had trapped and cured him, and it was over. There was a little aftermath with Cole and Crowley, but not much. Fans wanted to see more of Jensen Ackles in the role, as well as the potential effects his journey as a demon would have on Dean’s soul, on his character as he dealt with the things he did.

The Anti-Crist

Jesse Turner was a half-demon-half-human referred to by Cas as the Antichrist. He was immensely powerful and wanted by Lucifer to help destroy the Host of Heaven. In his sole episode, “I Believe The Children Are Our Future,” he zapped himself across the globe to hide from everyone who wanted him, and to keep his parents safe.

Sam and Dean never get too worried about the literal Antichrist. Then Lucifer, upon his return, seemed to forget about the incredibly powerful weapon he had on Earth. There was so much potential here, although this story continuing with Jesse alongside Jack could have been convoluted and over-complicated, which is perhaps why Jesse never returned.

Sam’s Powers

Much of Supernatural’s first four seasons focused on the psychic powers of Sam Winchester and his demon blood addiction. After getting weaned off of demon blood, the death of Azazel, and two isolated demon-blood-binges in season 5, Sam’s powers pretty much ceased to exist.

There are many moments that fans theorize as being the reason for Sam’s powers disappearing, such as Hell or God cleansing his being of all of Azazel’s work. But fans were not given a concrete explanation. After season 2, his powers lay dormant but not non-existent. Fans believed they could resurface to face-off against demon Dean or deal with the likes of Amara, Chuck, and Lucifer again, but this doesn’t happen. Considering the potential of Sam naturally tapping into his power, some fans were left disappointed at how the entire thing got left behind in the Kripke-era.

The Shedim

In season 13, the Prince of Hell (Asmodeus) took over the throne of Hell, and when he did so, he set out to release one of Hell’s darkest secrets, the Shedim. By manipulating Jack, he nearly did just that.

The Shedim were only ever brought up in one episode, said to be the darkest of the dark; even Lucifer feared them. When they were repelled and teased in “The Rising Sun,” it seemed like they would potentially return and be brought up in the future. Lucifer actually fearing a being or creature not named Chuck would have been fascinating to see and likely would have improved Asmodeus’ lackluster character in many fan’s eyes.

The Hands Of God

In season 11 of the show, retrieving the Hands of God became a goal of the heroes in their fight against Amara. These were objects touched by God, holding a modicum of his power within them.

Three known in the show were the Horn of Joshua, the Ark Fragment, and the Rod of Aaron. There were thought to be more, but after God came back to help fight off Amara, everybody just forgot about them. Even Crowley, who did have a love for holding his power, never showed an interest in them again, they were forgotten about. Fans expected them to crop back up to help deal with God or the multitude of other problems that arose between seasons 11 and 15.

The Colt

The iconic Colt was an important part of the boy’s journey throughout the show, killing big bad of seasons 1 and 2 Azazel and popping back up later. After a life full of twists and turns, the gun finally got destroyed in season 12 by Dagon.

Despite being a weapon that can kill all but five things, and despite Sam saying he would try to fix the gun, it never returned. Fans never even got a concrete confirmation over the five things the gun cannot kill; there are only theories and logical speculation. Given the Men of Letters bunker and powerful beings at Sam’s disposal, many assumed the gun would get fixed and play a bigger role in the show’s twilight years.

Zack Taking Sylvia

Zack was a crossroads demon who appeared in season 15, disgruntled with the way he was basically out of a job thanks to Rowena’s rules on crossroad deals. At the end of his episode, “Gimme Shelter,” he is seen taking the murderer Sylvia away in a cop car.

This was presented as if it was setting something up for the future. Zack may have been planning on defying Rowena’s laws on making deals, or he just wanted to solve a human crime and drive a car like he told Cas and Jack. Nevertheless, in hindsight, it is a strange inclusion, given it never gets brought up again.


Initially meant to act as a backdoor pilot to a spin-off series (just like “Wayward Sisters”) “Bloodlines” explores the monster families of Chicago and is a unique, lackluster episode.

The episode was meant to be its own television series looking into the monstrous underworld of the city, resolving the conflicts set up in the episode; alas, like most rumored potential Supernatural spin-offs (including Wayward Sisters), it never came to be. Fans have waited years for a spin-off from the show, and “Bloodlines” was the first look at what that could look like; since it was not a great first look, audiences were never upset at the lack of follow-up.

The Banes Twins

The Banes twins, Alicia and Max, were introduced in season 12 of the show as powerful natural witches. In their second appearance, “Twigs & Twine & Tasha Banes,” Alicia is killed, but like many Supernatural characters, she did not stay dead.

Despite all the warnings, Max used magic to bring back a twig doll version of Alicia, a dangerous move that would have had disastrous consequences. This was all set up as if the Winchesters and the twins would see each other again, but surprisingly, the plotline was never returned. Audiences never seemed to get invested in the twins properly, but furthering the plot-line with them could have rectified this while providing more great witch content akin to that of the Kripke-era perhaps.

Dean’s Bloody Eyes

In a great early monster-of-the-week episode, “Bloody Mary,” the Bloody Mary makes their victim’s eyes bleed, this signifying a dark secret they held such as. Sam’s dreams about Jess’ death leading to his eyes bleeding. However, shockingly, Dean’s eyes also bleed.

Fans never found out why Dean’s eyes were bleeding. To this day, fans speculate about what the big dark secret Dean had at the time was. It was fully expected to crop up again, perhaps when John returned at the end of the season or after his death in season 2, but it was never explained. This could be down to the showrunners wanting to take the characters in a different direction, it was early in the show after all, or because it was intentionally supposed to go unexplained, referencing a dark part of Dean’s soul that is touched on throughout Supernatural.

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