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Angelina Jolie Dressed As A Giraffe At An Eternals Halloween Party

Angelina Jolie threw a massive Halloween party for her Marvel Studios’ Eternals cast and crew members where she dressed up as a giraffe.

Angelina Jolie dressed up as a giraffe at Marvel’s Eternals Halloween party. Jolie joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the highly-anticipated film as Thena. Eternals is the second movie in Marvel’s Phase 4, bringing together a glittering group of A-list talent to portray lesser-known comic book characters. The Oscar-winner is joined by Salma Hayek as Ajak, Richard Madden as Ikaris, Kumail Nanjiani as Kingo, Kit Harington as Black Knight, Gemma Chan as Sersi, and more.

Eternals is directed and written by Chloé Zhao, hot on the tails of her “Best Picture” Oscar win for Nomadland. The story follows a race of immortal aliens, created by the Celestials, who form a new superhero team called the Eternals in order to fight evil space gods, known as Deviants, on Earth. Finally slated for a November 2021 release, the cast and crew are beginning to open up more about what it was like making the blockbuster. In all, it seems that the process (and some parties in between) bonded the core group for life.

According to EW, Angelina Jolie threw a Halloween party for the cast and crew members. The prolific performer dressed up as a giraffe for the festive affair. Zhao elaborated to the publication that these moments helped everyone form a family almost instantly, saying:

“You might not expect them to be in the same room in real life. It might be a bit like, ‘Oh, I didn’t expect this group of people was going to be a family.’ But almost right away, I felt like they each found their place in the family unit.”

Jolie herself added that it was the diversity within the story that made her want to join the film, citing that she could relate since she has an “unconventional family” in real life. The Maleficent lead also attributed the seamless connection of the cast to an inexplicable chemistry. She said the first time they all suited up and stood next to each other on set she felt so much support and kindness in the air. Her words are echoed by not only Zhao, but her fellow castmates as well.

Salma Hayek previously shared her enthusiasm for the film’s diversity, saying a lot of people are going to feel represented while watching. Hayek loved the meticulous way that Zhao put together their cast, calling them a family as well. Nanjiani weighed in on Zhao’s Eternals casting process in a similar way, saying it was clear she chose each actor because she wanted pieces of them to shine through the character.

Though occasionally under-appreciated in Hollywood, casting is a vital component of visual storytelling. Putting together a stellar ensemble cast is an especially amazing feat, and it sounds like Zhao has a knack for doing so. The fact that she chose actors from all walks of life hoping it would flow into their onscreen dynamic most likely opened up a more genuine freeway for the cast to feel bonded with each other. In the end, Jolie feeling comfortable enough to dress up as a giraffe with her Eternals castmates says it all.

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