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Here’s Why Angelina Jolie’s Eye Color Is A Big Deal To Fans Of Brad Pitt

It’s a strange connection, but here’s why Angelina Jolie’s eye color was a topic of conversation for Brad Pitt fans.

Even though Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie haven’t been a thing for quite some time now, fans haven’t truly moved on. The thing is, they aren’t sure that Brad has, either.

While some fans stan Jen and Brad’s relationship (in any form they can get it) to this day, others think that Pitt didn’t get over Jolie as easily as he seemed to get over his first wife. And Angelina Jolie’s eye color is the key.

Does Angelina Jolie Wear Colored Contacts?
Angelina Jolie’s eye color, and her gorgeous eyes in general, has long been a topic of conversation. Obviously, most fans think Angelina is drop-dead gorgeous, but eyes are the windows to the soul, right?

Most agree that Angelina’s eye color is naturally blue, but some sources suggest she wears colored contacts at times. That could be true, or it could just be the lighting when she’s photographed, whether it’s films, red carpets, or paparazzi snaps.

But why do fans care about what color Angelina Jolie’s eyes are?

Fans Say Brad Pitt Found New Eyes To Love
Angelina Jolie has a distinctive eye color, and an even more distinctive appearance. Fans speculate that Brad had Angie in mind when he went off to court someone new after their split. Well, he’s courted a few someones, and maybe even Swedish singer Lykke Li, if the rumors can be believed.

But one particular someone has the same eye color as Angie, fans say, which leads them to believe she looks a lot like Angelina Jolie.

In late 2020, Brad Pitt was linked with a model named Nicole Poturalski. Around September, tabloids suggested the pair were a thing. The following month, their “breakup” made headlines.

But for the sake of argument, let’s assume that Brad did date the German model. Does she really look like Angelina Jolie?

Fans Agree That Nicole Poturalski Has Angelina Jolie’s Eye Color
Most fans agree that Nicole’s eye color matches Angelina’s, which led to many fans thinking that Brad was just after an Angie lookalike. Of course, the up-and-coming celeb has similarly full lips and tends to pose in glamorous clothing, being a model and all.

But some also say she looks more like Irina Shayk than Angelina Jolie, and they have a point. Of course, Irina’s eyes are more green, while Nicole’s (and Angelina’s) are bluer. At least, in most of their modeling campaigns (and Angie’s movies), that’s how they appear!

In terms of her eye color and facial features, though, most seem to see another Angie — albeit a bit younger. Either way, Nicole clearly has it made in terms of her Hollywood-loved looks, and though she’s often connected to Brad in the media, she’s in her own league celebrity-wise.

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