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90 Day Fiance: Times When Cast Members’ Families Wanted Money

Some families have caused a lot of drama after asking for money from 90 Day Fiancé couples. Here are the times when families asked for too much.

The fans have felt that some of the marriages on 90 Day Fiance were motivated by money rather than love. Other times, it feels like the families of certain cast members felt entitled to the couple’s money, whether out of greed, necessity, or cultural expectations. From Big Ed & Rose to Kalani & Asuelu to Andrei & Elizabeth, these couples have dealt with uncomfortable financial situations. Here are some of the times when the families of 90 Day Fiance couples asked for money.

Kalani and Asuelu met while she was on vacation, and the couple has two children together now. During Happily Ever After?, the fans got to check in with some of their favorite couples and see whether those unconventional marriages made things last in the long run. Overall, Kalani and Asuelu have had no shortage of rocky moments in their relationship, with Kalani frequently talking about divorce and accusing Asuelu of acting like a child.

Asuelu & Kalani

One of the biggest financial problems featured on 90 Day Fiancé came when Asuelu’s family asked for more money from him and Kalani. Asuelu was pressured, especially by his mom and sister, to provide for his family since she was no longer able to work. Moreover, it is expected in Samoan culture for a son to provide for his mom. Alas, the couple had money problems, forcing them to live with Kalani’s family. Since Asuelu was only working part-time, he did not have as much money to send back to them. This also led to one of the craziest moments in 90 Day Fiancé history, when Asuelu’s sister tried to fight Kalani upon her refusal to give them more money.

Big Ed & Rose Vega

Asuelu’s family is not the only one to ask for more money from the American significant others, with Rose Vega’s sister famously begging Big Ed for money. Though fans could see this mismatch from the start, Rose and Ed had a series of misfortunes and cultural misunderstandings during his trip to the Philippines before they ended their relationship. During Before the 90 Days, Rose’s sister allegedly texted Ed behind Rose’s back and asked for money to support her family. Even though Rose has done very well for herself and stunned with her makeup skills, many fans believe that Rose’s family expected help from Ed to get them through hard times.

Andrei & Elizabeth

Andrei and Elizabeth have been featured several times in the 90 Day Fiancé franchise, and they’ve always brought the drama, most recently with a family brawl. His family did not ask for money on the show, but Andrei himself did decide to ask for money. Andrei has bothered certain fans by begging Elizabeth’s father for money, a whopping $100,000 loan, to start his own business flipping houses. Andrei also ruffled feathers by refusing to gain any experience in the field by working in the family business. Instead, he constantly got into heated arguments with Elizabeth’s family. Alas, the fans will have to stay tuned to see how their story ends on 90 Day Fiance.

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