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Grey’s Anatomy: 8 Unpopular Opinions About Derek (According To Reddit)

Derek Shepherd was one of the most imperfect characters in Grey’s Anatomy. Fans loved him for his acts of kindness and his prowess in the OR but hated how poorly he treated his partners or his narcissism.

On Reddit, a few people have opinions that go against everyone’s analysis and conclusions about the character. Some have positive feelings regarding some of the things about Derek that offended everyone. Others detest what everyone else thought was brilliant about Grey Sloan’s former Head Of Neurosurgery. However, one thing they all have in common is that they are pretty unpopular takes.

Derek Treated Addison Badly

According to Reddit user audreymarilynvivien states that Derek treated Addison terribly, stating that “his behavior felt unnecessarily cold and immature”- even after she left Seattle and moved to Los Angeles.

It was obvious that things were never going to the same after Addison cheated on Derek with Mark. However, to say that Derek was “cold” to Addison, even after their divorce, is a little unfair. Derek was there for her when her brother was ill and they did form an iconic friendship afterward too. They may not have been one of the best couples on Grey’s Anatomy but they did show that they still cared for one another in some way.

Derek’s Death Didn’t Matter

Although Derek had one of the most heartbreaking deaths on Grey’s Anatomy, few fans wonder why he was even mourned. Reddit user Shadows0nthemoon enjoyed Derek’s demise because “he was the worst character and was awful to Meredith.”

Even though Derek had his fair share of negative traits, he wasn’t exactly a villain. Most of the show’s popular characters have had their blemishes, including Meredith and Cristina. Derek’s contributions to the medical field and to people’s lives outnumbered the few bad things he did and that’s why his death broke many hearts.

Derek Overreacted After The Alzheimer’s Trial Scandal

Meredith’s decision to mess up the Alzheimer’s trial so that Adele would benefit had several serious consequences. As expected, Derek reacted rather harshly towards Meredith but Reddit user breelynjean believes he should have “had more compassion.”

Other Reddit users on the same thread disagree with this suggestion and rightfully so. Meredith’s actions messed up Derek’s career and the reputation of the hospital at large. Derek had every right to be angry. Millions of other patients would have suffered too. On this occasion, the fault lay on Meredith.

Derek Wasn’t A Cheater

As dreamy as Derek was, his infidelities were hard to justify. Reddit user Bee_ee_e defends Derek, saying Addison cheated on him first and he was in the process of separating from her when it happened. As for the DC incident, “that woman kissed him” and most importantly, he was very apologetic about it.

Although they weren’t officially divorced, it still counts as cheating and most fans on the thread remind this particular Reddit user of this. Two wrongs don’t make a right either. Derek and Addison were back together when he slept with Meredith during the prom night too. That incident alone qualified him as a cheater.

The Show Became Worse After Derek’s Death

Derek was one of many great characters on the show but according to Reddit user PatternBudget1521, he was the best. The user argues that Derek was the spine that he was “genuinely charming.” After his death, nothing was the same.

There are shows that have been hurt by character deaths but Grey’s Anatomy isn’t one of them. On Rotten Tomatoes, each season after Derek’s death had a score of more than 80%. Season 17 also averaged 6 million viewers per episode (according to Nielsen Ratings). This is on the healthier side of things.

Derek Loved Meredith More Than She Loved Him

Reddit user Annaboolio literally plays the neurosurgeon’s virtual attorney by putting up a spirited defense for him on the forum. They label Meredith as a tasking person, claiming that she spent 11 seasons pushing Derek away and it’s surprising that he stayed with her that long. According to them, Derek’s patience and forgiving nature meant “he loved Meredith way more than she loved him.”

There were plenty of infuriating things about Derek and Meredith’s relationship but their love for each other always felt genuine, with each partner putting in equal effort. Derek did put up with a lot from Meredith but so did Meredith. If Meredith didn’t love him, she would neither have begged him to “pick her and choose her” during the season 2 love triangle nor would she continue to fight for him despite him pushing her away. There is an abundance of examples of her strong love for him.

He Was A Bad Chief

Derek became Chief of Surgery when Richard was getting treatment for his alcoholism. He wasn’t too passionate about the job because it involved more paperwork and less time in the OR. His failure to apply himself made him “the worst Chief,” according to Reddit Own_Veterinarian3873.
Derek had a very brief run as Chief before the hospital shooting happened, hence there aren’t enough incidents to use in measuring whether his tenure was a success or failure. He performed most of the tasks he was required to and quit when he realized he didn’t have the passion for it. That was a noble thing for him to do. His time as Chief wasn’t meant to further showcase his prowess but to emphasize that being Chief wasn’t the biggest achievement of them all.

McDreamy Wasn’t Dreamy

Derek’s looks and charms earned him one of the best “Mc” labels on Grey’s Anatomy —McDreamy. However, Saharajoy didn’t find “anything dreamy about Derek,” concluding that he was more annoying than awe-inspiring.

While Derek had plenty of flaws, he had his fair share of dreamy moments, thus proving he deserved the name. There were moments when he waxed lyrical about Meredith’s hair and gave romantic speeches. He also risked his life to save people and did his best to reassure them that they would be okay. There were even dancing moments too and the creative proposal. Derek was definitely dreamy.

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