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Mandatory Credit: Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP/Shutterstock (9212334j) Jim Parsons, left, and Mayim Bialik, cast members in the television series "The Big Bang Theory," pose together at the premiere of the film "The Bronze" at the Pacific Design Center, in West Hollywood, Calif LA Premiere of "The Bronze" - Arrivals, West Hollywood, USA - 7 Mar 2016

The Sweet Way Big Bang Theory’s Mayim Bialik Celebrated Former Co-Star Jim Parsons’ Birthday

Big Bang Theory fans have been going through Shamy withdrawals since the CBS sitcom signed off in 2019, as Mayim Bialik’s Amy Farah Fowler and Jim Parsons’ Sheldon Cooper were truly a match made in nerdy awkwardness. That chemistry translated into strong (and plattonic) working relationship during the show’s run and after it ended, and Bialik showed that closeness by celebrating Parsons’ birthday on social media.

Since the hit sitcom went off the air, Mayim Bialik and Jim Parsons have found a number of ways to connect, whether it’s social media posts or new projects. Recently, Bialik paid tribute to Parsons by making a special post on Instagram to celebrate his birthday. Her Instagram post featured some throwback Shamy moments from The Big Bang Theory.

Seeing Mayim Bialik’s Instagram throwback really shows just how much fun she and Jim Parsons and had on the set. It was incredible how many times Parsons broke character in scenes with Bialik, but the same could be said about Bialik. As evidenced by her post, the two seemed to get the giggles at the slightest joke. Seeing the co-stars’ bloopers is a nice peek into their off-screen friendship. Parsons and Bialik’s closeness is no surprise given how much the entire cast still interacts with each other on social media. They also still congratulate one another when new projects come out.

As previously mentioned, Mayim Bialik and Jim Parsons have kept their working relationship going after The Big Bang Theory. The two decided to team up to bring the British sitcom Call Me Kat to Fox, Parsons serving as producer while Bialik plays the title role. According to the actress, she was surprised the actor wanted to work with her again, as she believed she was “annoying” while they were on the hit sitcom. But apparently, Bialik wasn’t too annoying, as she was Parsons’ first choice to play the character.

As the show airs, Shamy fans are still waiting for the moment Jim Parsons might pop up onto the Fox sitcom. Even though they wouldn’t be playing Amy and Sheldon anymore, it would still be cool to once again see the chemistry between the two actors.

All in all, you have to love the tight-knit nature of the whole Big Bang Theory cast, which is something that naturally happens considering when you work on a show for 12 years. To be honest, the cast probably saw each other more than their actual family and friends. But given the work they did, viewers are definitely appreciative of their efforts, and one can bet that Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik won’t be the only stars to have some sweet interactions as time goes on.

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