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Why Raj And Emily Called Their Relationship Off In Big Bang Theory?

Big Bang Theory came to an end in the year 2019. But the show’s fandom is still not over it. Foremost, people were impressed by Howards and Penny’s relationship in the show, but there was something funnier and hilarious about Raj’s relationship. Throughout “Big Bang Theory,” Raj was in four relationships. The name of the ladies he was in a relationship was Lucy, Claire, Emily S., and Emily. However, Raj’s relationship lasted longer with Emily S. out of the four women. But they both were extremely toxic together, and this is a fact. Moreover, fans blamed the character of Raj, who find it hard to keep commitments with one girl.

Although in the show, Raj is seen meeting almost 10 women. Throughout the show, Raj’s chemistry with these 10 women was very on and off until it came with Emily S. But still, Raj ends up all alone at the end of the show. Fans still wonder that Raj and Emily could have made great pair, but there were some toxic traits [mostly in Raj] that led to the failure of their relationship.

So we have got you some of the basic ideas why Raj and Emily broke up, and their relationship failed to progress more.

Things that began in hurry end up early- this perfectly fits Raj and Emily’s relationship.

Raj saw Emily on a dating app. However, due to his anxious behavior, he was afraid of texting Emily first. Therefore he asked Amy to text her. This was the first lie Raj with which progressed his relationship with Emmy. Moreover, when Emily decides to meet Amy, Raj crashes off and spoils girls’ night. Which freak out Emily more.

Raj’s foremost reason for being with girls was that he wanted to get intimate with them. Therefore, he went through many pieces of stuff he doesn’t like but still did them because he wanted to go to Emily’s bed. He just watched horror movies with Emily because she liked them, and that is what turned her on.

Emily never liked Raj and Penny together. When Raj introduced his friends to Emily, she was very cold to Penny. So penny felt that something was off. Moreover, when Penny was into promoting some of the drugs, she went for Emily’s help. Emily, in turn, acted very uninterestedly in talking to her. Emily, on the other also did not like Sheldon. As we know, Sheldon was the toughest character of the show to get along with, it made Emily annoyed. In fact, during a heated argument with Sheldon, Emily expected that Raj would take her side. But in shock to Emily, Raj chose Sheldon’s side.

They never trusted her. It is normal to be curious to know how your partner lives but sneaking in their house in their absence is of utmost creepy. While snooping in Emily’s house when she had to leave for emergency work Raj accidentally broke a drawer. It seemed like Raj wanted to discover some red flags rather than interesting facts about her. Moreover, Emily also acted as if Raj has no right to see or roam around her house.

Genuinely, we all know that Raj was never honest with Emily. He always hid real “Raj” and was some another person in front of Emily. Raj and Emily were different from each other, and honestly, there is nothing wrong with it. But Raj hid this fact from Emily so that he can be alone with her. The pillar of Raj’s relationship with Emily was based on a lie.

Other than these five important facts, Raj was with Emily because he was afraid of being alone

That was the saddest part of their relationship. Raj was never happy alone, and that is the reason why his relationship with anyone did not work out. The two did not even have anything in common. When Claire came into Raj’s life, he got feelings for her too. However, when Claire turned down his proposal, he again jumped back to Emily.

Last but not the least, Emily was never happy with Raj’s decision over their relationship.

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