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90 Day Fiance: Annie Suwan Shares Awkward Teen Throwback Photo

Annie Suwan’s style has evolved over time, and a recent throwback to her teen years shows her glow up has been going on since before the franchise.

Though 90 Day Fiancé fans know the show’s stars from their time on the franchise, everyone was a kid once, and Annie Suwan of season 5 just shared a throwback photo from her awkward teen years. Annie has become a mainstay in the franchise and a fan favorite who is always eager to share her life with fans on Instagram. The reality TV star’s latest post is a flashback to her childhood in Thailand and demonstrates just how much Annie’s style has changed over time.

On season 5, viewers were introduced to Annie and her then-fiancé David Toborowsky as they embarked on their K1-visa process. The pair got married and went on to become fan favorites. Since then, the couple has been featured on many spin offs, including 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, Pillow Talk, and 90 Day: Foody Call. David and Annie’s popularity in the franchise has helped their financial status as well, and the couple has become one of the top 10 highest earners on Cameo.

Annie has also been evolving her personal style since her time on the show, and recently proved on Instagram that her style journey has been going on even longer than her time on the franchise. In a post celebrating the Fourth of July, Annie shared a photo of her when she was “13 or 14” in the Philippines. Annie is equal parts adorable and awkward in the throwback shot, as most of us were at that age. Many fans appreciated the blast from her past and the chance to get a peek at her teen years.

Known for her sweet personality and cute Instagram photos, Annie’s posts are a hit with her followers who like to see what she and David are up to when the cameras aren’t rolling. Her recent post is a reminder that the stars of the franchise had lives before the show, and that fans only see a small portion of them. Though Annie certainly has an awkward edge in her throwback photo, it’s also clear how pretty she is and the strong potential for a glow up.

Annie’s look has definitely changed since her teenage years, but the 90 Day Fiancé star is still easily recognizable. Just about everyone went through some sort of awkward phase as a child, and reality TV stars are no exception. Obviously, Annie is proud of the glamor queen she’s become, and it all started with a pretty but gawky teenager. Since season 5, Annie almost looks like a totally different person, but deep down she’ll always be that sweet girl with a bowl cut.

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