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Are ‘Riverdale’ Stars Camila Mendes And Charles Melton Back Together?

When they originally broke up, an anonymous source told E! that they were ‘taking a break’ from the relationship due to extremely busy schedules.

On Friday, Riverdale stars Camila Mendes and Charles Melton were spotted leaving a French restaurant together in West Hollywood, Los Angeles. Mendes plays the role of Veronica Lodge while Melton portrays Reggie Mantle on the popular CW show.

The two were enjoying dinner with fellow cast member Cole Sprouse, his twin brother Dylan Sprouse, and supermodel Stella Maxwell.

The new photos were posted by The Daily Mail yesterday evening, sparking relationship rumors between the two Hollywood actors. The actors were shown walking together to Melton’s car and driving away from the restaurant.

This is the first time the two young stars have been seen together following their breakup in 2019. They met on the set of Riverdale, and started dating in the summer of 2018.

Mendes celebrated their one-year anniversary by posting a picture of them kissing. The caption of the now-deleted post read, “365 days. I love you.” Melton also posted a picture of them on a boat with the caption, “I love you.”

The two Riverdale had already were already separated for a while before their breakup became known to the public. When it did, it was because a source told E! News that they decided to “take a break” from their relationship.

“Cami and Charles have been separated for a few months now,” the source told the outlet. “They are taking a break from their relationship. Their relationship escalated very quickly and they are taking time now to focus on their work and themselves.”

The source noted that their busy schedules may have contributed to the “ups and downs” in the relationship.

“They both have movie projects separately, and it’s been a lot on both their plates,” the source added. “Nothing in particular happened, they just both felt busy and overwhelmed and it was a lot of pressure on them.”

Additionally, the source revealed that the two remained in touch following the split.

“They are still in touch and both understand they need to be cordial while on set and throughout press for the show. They have been filming together while being split and things have been normal,” the source continued.

“Everyone is very close on the show and are all very good friends. They can’t ignore each other, so they just remain cordial and try and focus on filming.”

Mendes and Melton have not commented on the dating rumors.

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