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The Flash’s Supergirl Costume Keeps Cavill’s Krypton Design Canon

Sasha Calle’s Supergirl costume in The Flash retains the style of Henry Cavill’s Superman, which suggests Kal-El plays a role in her origin story.

The costume that Sasha Calle’s Supergirl dons in Andy Muschietti’s The Flash retains the design of the Kryptonian suit Henry Cavill’s Superman has worn throughout his DCEU appearances, which suggests his depiction of Kal-El is still canon. The Flash aims to tell a multiversal adventure inspired by DC’s famous Flashpoint storyline with Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen in the spotlight. The Scarlet Speedster is expected to use the Speed Force to travel to different universes and meet iconic characters like Michael Keaton’s Bruce Wayne, but also connect one last time with Ben Affleck’s Batman. Although it’s unlikely that Superman will return anytime soon, Supergirl could reveal what happened to Clark Kent since the events of Justice League.

Within DCEU canon, Superman’s suit wasn’t designed to be a superhero costume. Man of Steel establishes that the Kryptonians used to wear different kinds of attire for each occasion, with black suits used as underclothing for armor, and Kal-El’s iconic blue-and-red suit likely reserved for special occasions as a rather theatrical House of El garb. Superman’s DCEU Kryptonian suits are sleek, flexible, and incredibly durable. They’re also known for their lack of a belt and the absence of Superman’s infamous “external underwear.” They’re metallic-looking, form-fitting, and decorated with subtle angular shapes.

Sasha Calle’s short black hair on the set of The Flash suggests she’s playing a new version of Supergirl — possibly Lara Lane-Kent, a Supergirl from a dream world featured in the Injustice comics and video games, where she is Superman’s daughter instead of his cousin, Kara Zor-El. Although not as shiny as Superman’s, Supergirl’s costume in The Flash shares the same patterns, the same angular shapes, and the exact same chest insignia as the DCEU’s Kal-El, as well as also the same amount of red on the shoulders that Lara Lane-Kent usually sports. As Supergirl’s live-action suit resembles Superman’s so much, it’s likely that Henry Cavill’s Kal-El will play an off-screen role in her origin story, to some degree.

The presence of Michael Keaton’s Batman proves that The Flash has the freedom to feature almost any alternate version of famous DC characters. Supergirl could be revealed to come from an alternate dimension where Superman never existed, and the concept of the multiverse would justify it. With Melissa Benoist’s depiction of Kara Zor-El in the Arrowverse coming to an end after six seasons and a Superman reboot in the works, it’s logical for Warner Bros. to reintroduce famous characters to the big screen but also take them in new directions.

Supergirl’s DCEU costume is not the only surprise The Flash may have for fans. Barry Allen’s Flash suit is also getting an upgrade, and fans of Tim Burton’s Batman movies will be delighted in seeing a modern take on the classic 1989 all-black Batman suit. Whether characters like Henry Cavill and Brandon Routh’s versions of Superman make surprise cameos is still a mystery, but it’s within the realm of possibility.

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