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The Vampire Diaries’ Candice King Hints At Possible Caroline Return In Some Form

The Vampire Diaries star, Candice King, reveals that she would gladly accept any opportunity to reprise her role as the beloved Caroline Forbes.

The Vampire Diaries alum, Candice King, revealed that an opportunity to reprise her role as Caroline Forbes could likely take place in the future. An adaptation of a book series of the same name by L.J. Smith, the CW show debuted in 2009 and ran for eight years. During this time, the supernatural teen drama quickly garnered a loyal and devoted fanbase. Its fast-paced, provocative story arcs earned consistently high ratings, as well as a passionate legion of viewers committed to following the narrative growth of the show’s beloved characters. The success of The Vampire Diaries led to multiple spinoffs on the network, including The Originals and Legacies.

On The Vampire Diaries, King played fan-favorite character Caroline, an outspoken foil to the protagonist, Elena Gilbert. Initially introduced as a self-centered and insecure friend, Caroline eventually evolved into a canny, warm figure willing to make sacrifices for the survival of those she loved. Her gradual, hard-earned emotional development made her a popular and beloved character in the series. By the end of the show’s run, she faced an unexpected tragedy that left much of her fate up in the air.

While speaking to Tommy DiDario on Instagram, King noted her willingness to bring back her character in any shape or form. She emphasized that she would never turn down a chance to step back into the role. Read what King said below:

Yes…I always just say yes. And obviously, COVID changed things and the way that things were filming, so those invitations might even be a little delayed, you know. But, uh, yes. Absolutely. Absolutely.

Currently, Legacies, the second spinoff in The Vampire Diaries canon, is airing its third season and has been renewed for a fourth installment. While King has not made a visible cameo during the show’s run, the main characters have frequently referred to her presence off-screen. In the beginning of the present season, Caroline’s daughter, Lizzie, received a letter from her surrogate mother. Via voiceover, King read the contents of the message to the struggling teenager. In interviews, the actress has shared that she remains in touch with the show’s executive producer, Julie Plec.

While King has not reprised her role in years, it seems likely that Caroline Forbes will indeed return to the iconic town of Mystic Falls. Legacies has certainly hinted at her inevitable homecoming, which should excite long-devoted fans of the series. Whether or not she does appear onscreen again, the savvy and compassionate Caroline has certainly left an impressive mark on the world of The Vampire Diaries.

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