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Misha Collins’ Favorite Episodes Of Supernatural

As Castiel, Misha Collins quickly established himself as a vital addition to Supernatural’s main cast. Here are his favorite episodes from the show.

Which Supernatural episodes resonate most with Castiel actor, Misha Collins? For many, Supernatural is about two characters and two characters only – Jensen Ackles’ Dean Winchester, and Jared Padalecki’s Sam Winchester. It’d take a special character (and, indeed, actor) to join the show midway and become a third lead, but that’s exactly what happened with Misha Collins’ Castiel in season 4. Initially cold and uncaring after dragging Dean from the depths of Hell, the angel befriended Supernatural’s Winchester brothers and soon became as good as family.

With Supernatural now over (although a prequel based on John and Mary Winchester is on the way) thoughts turn to which episodes from the past 15 years stand out from the pack. Eric Kripke (creator and initial showrunner) has previously cited two meta adventures – “Changing Channels” and “The French Mistake.” Jensen Ackles chose the devastating “Death’s Door,” and Padalecki has mentioned both “The French Mistake” and the show’s controversial finale.

But, in his angelic wisdom, which episodes would Misha Collins pick? Speaking with EW in 2016, the Castiel actor echoed Kripke and Padalecki by plumping for season 6’s “The French Mistake.” This bold and innovative offering sees Sam and Dean whisked to an alternate reality by the angel Balthazar. Here, Dean is “Jensen Ackles,” Sam is “Jared Padalecki” and both star in a TV show called “Supernatural.” Jared’s real-life wife appears (and is mistaken for Ruby, who she portrayed on the show), and Misha Collins plays an over-excited version of himself who’s addicted to Tweeting and gets killed by an actual angel. From Collins’ perspective, the chance to break away from his usual gravel-voiced Castiel character and explore new territory must’ve contributed to his love for the episode.

Weirdly, Misha Collins also has an affinity for Supernatural season 8’s “Everybody Hates Hitler” despite the episode not being especially beloved among fans. In this story, a modern-day Nazi cabal known as the Thule Society resurfaces, hunting for an old World War II ledger containing all of Hitler’s research into necromancy and the dark arts. Along the way, Sam and Dean encounter a rabbi’s grandson who controls a Jewish Golem proficient in smashing Nazi skulls. “Everybody Hates Hitler” isn’t Supernatural’s most memorable dalliance with 1940s Germany, and Castiel doesn’t even appear. Maybe Misha Collins just loves watching Nazis get beaten up by a glorified Pokemon.

In a more recent exchange with TVGuide, Collins selected two other episodes for his Supernatural hall of fame, beginning with season 11’s “Baby.” Told almost entirely from the perspective of Dean Winchester’s Chevrolet Impala, “Baby” is another rule-breaking and ambitious episode that made a huge impression on fans, and regularly ranks among Supernatural’s most popular adventures. Interestingly, it’s also another Castiel-lite offering, with only the angel’s voice featured. Misha Collins’ final favorite is Supernatural season 13’s “Scoobynatural” – a hilarious animated crossover with the Scooby-Doo cast that received widespread praise from fans and critics. Castiel enjoys a larger role in this one but, as with all the cast, it’s predominantly a voice-only performance.

Misha Collins’ top Supernatural episodes represent an impressive snapshot of Sam and Dean’s career – along with one esoteric left-field curiosity. The four episodes also have a number of qualities in common. Three of the four break the traditional Supernatural formula to great effect, avoiding the usual “hunt of the week” format. Furthermore, none of Collins’ four episodes could be described as showcases for Castiel, with the angel either appearing in a limited capacity or not at all. This either shows incredible humility on the actor’s part or, like the rest of us, Misha Collins doesn’t enjoy watching himself back on camera.

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