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90 Day Fiance: Anfisa Stuns Fans With Classy Look On Instagram

Anfisa Arkhipchenko of 90 Day Fiancé is well-known for her workout looks, but she recently posted a new clip of herself rocking a stunning new dress. Fans are sometimes divided in how they feel about Anfisa, and though her racy outfits sometimes raise eyebrows among her followers, commenters adored her new look. The feisty Russian is gone from the franchise, however, Anfisa is living the American dream and she still has many fans on social media who are eager to applaud her style.

On season 4, Anfisa came to the U.S. to be with her then-fiancé Jorge Nava, and the couple’s relationship was explosive from the jump. Jorge expressed a desire to find a woman who depends on him financially, and that’s exactly what he got in Anfisa, who quickly laid out her financial expectations. But eventually, Anfisa finally lost the ‘gold-digger’ label after the couple got divorced and she started supporting herself and became successful by her own means.

It’s no surprise that Anfisa is very active on Instagram, though her feed is typically full of photos and clips taken at the gym. In her latest post, Anfisa poses in a gorgeous red and white dress that hangs delicately from her well-toned frame. Fans are used to being stunned by Anfisa’s racy bikini pics and workout clothes, so the video of her embracing her more stereotypically girly side demonstrates Anfisa’s many layers.

Fans were blown away by how lovely Anfisa looks and how different her dress is from her usual look. Many called the outfit “stunning” and “gorgeous,” and several fire emojis were strewn throughout the comments. Some fans pointed out that after her tumultuous and shocking marriage to Jorge, Anfisa deserves the fulfilling life she’s cultivated for herself. It’s been several years since she made her franchise debut, and Anfisa is still as feisty and stylish as ever. Though fans enjoy her gym looks, the dress blew them away entirely.

Anfisa is polarizing among 90 Day Fiancé fans, and it seems that viewers either love her or hate her. However, Anfisa must be feeling a lot more of the love right about now as her followers gushed over how beautiful she looks in the new dress. It’s a big change from her typical look on Instagram, and it goes to show that Anfisa knows what it takes to always keep fans guessing about what she’s going to do (or wear) next.

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