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How Legacies Season 2 Could Introduce Damon And Elena’s Daughter Stefanie Salvatore

Legacies is the joint spinoff of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, and what legacy could be more relevant to fans than the one left by Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) and Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder)?

Klaus Mikaelson’s The Originals daughter Hope is the main character of Legacies, with Alaric Saltzman and Caroline Forbes-Salvatore’s Vampire Diaries twins Josie and Lizzie Saltzman as fellow regulars. Wouldn’t it make perfect sense to add Damon and Elena’s daughter Stefanie to the story in Season 2, after her name-drop in Season 1?

Elena and Damon Salvatore ended up together in The Vampire Diaries finale, and we know they lived long, happy lives. Dr. Elena Salvatore set up a practice in Mystic Falls, and Damon appreciated life as a human again. Legacies Season 1 also thrilled fans with mention of their children.

Sure, the two mentions of their kids — and specifically of a daughter named Stefanie Salvatore — happened in alternate timelines. But The Vampire Diaries Universe ruler Julie Plec acknowledged Damon and Elena’s kids, and she even weighed in on featuring them in Legacies:


As many fans replied, the kids wouldn’t have to be supernatural to appear on Legacies. But they could be.

Since Stefanie got a shoutout in Legacies Season 1, in honor of her late uncle Stefan Salvatore, here are six ways The Powers That Be could let us meet Damon and Elena’s daughter in Legacies Season 2.

Stefanie Salvatore Manifests Supernatural Powers And Attends Salvatore School

Let’s assume in this scenario that Stefanie Salvatore starts showing some kind of supernatural power, whatever it might be, so she ends up attending Salvatore School as a student. How would this power manifest? Would Damon and Elena raise her to be aware of supernatural abilities, or try to protect her by keeping that hidden?

Maybe if Stefanie does have some kind of power, let’s say a witch, that would force the issue and the family would have to address an entire world of supernatural abilities — plus the existence of the Salvatore family school down the road. Damon gave the Salvatore boarding house to Stefan’s widow Caroline, figuring that’s what Stefan would’ve wanted, and she and Alaric have been running the Salvatore boarding school ever since.

Julie Plec tweeted that the Salvatore School was founded when the Saltzman twins were under 5. “Right when their powers started manifesting in dangerous ways.” So they are at least that many years older than Stefanie Salvatore, considering Damon and Elena started having kids after he became human again at the end of The Vampire Diaries.

As we saw with Pedro, the Salvatore School isn’t necessarily just for high school-aged kids. What if Stefanie starts manifesting powers at her current age (9-11, maybe?) and ends up at the Salvatore school, under the tutelage of family friend Alaric Saltzman, and under the guidance of longtime family friends Lizzie and Josie. Would they be like older sisters to Stefanie? It would be interesting to see.

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