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The Vampire Diaries Universe: The 10 Most Powerful Werewolves In The Franchise

CW’s The Vampire Diaries and its popular two spinoff series, The Originals, and Legacies, are comprised of centuries-old rivalries between supernatural vampires, witches, werewolves, and any vicious hybrid of the three. While non-evolved werewolves are the least powerful of the three, several lycanthropic characters in the Vampire Diaries universe have flashed their fangs, flexed their muscle, and defeated their superior foes. Alas, most of them were killed shortly afterward.

Depending on which royal bloodline they belong to, how alpha their personality, or evolved their physical traits are, some werewolves wield far more power than others in the three TV series.


As Jackson Kenner’s right-hand man in a 12-episode arc in The Originals, Oliver (Chase Coleman) often showed his lycanthropic prowess. Although his innate abilities were limited to that of a non-evolved werewolf, he often stood his ground while fighting vampires in human form without the use of a moon ring.

Oliver was able to defeat the vampiric Diego by using his own weight against him to overpower the enemy and pin him to a wall. At one point, Oliver was also named temporary Leader of the Crescent Wolf Clan, reinforcing his powerful command.


Although he appeared in just two episodes of The Originals, Ansel’s (Lloyd Owen) powerful werewolf legacy comes from his status as Klaus’ biological father and Hope’s grandfather. As the elder Alpha werewolf in the North-East Atlantic Pack, Ansel was also the first character to be giving the moonlight ring, which allows him to access his werewolf powers in human form.

In addition to possessing all of the inherent werewolf powers, which he passed down to his relatives, Ansel is also an expert swordsman who can subdue enemies without transforming.


As one of a dozen or so known Alpha werewolves in the TVD universe, Francesca Guerrera (Peta Sergeant) demonstrates her influence as a natural-born leader. The Alpha head of the Guerra Clan and one-time Leader of the New Orleans Werewolves matches her inherent lycanthropy skills with a commanding aura.

Francesca uses her power to become one of the only characters to successfully trick the Mikaelsons. She also slays multiple vampires in Marcel’s Army, and her family is the first werewolf clan to kill vampires by using the moonlight rings.


Despite appearing in just two episodes of The Originals, Jerick (Kevin Savage) reigns supreme as one of the few Evolved Alpha Werewolves in the notorious Crescent Wolf Pack. As such, Jerick possesses increased lycanthropic strengths over his non-evolved counterparts.

With enhanced speed, strength, durability, detection skills, healing abilities, upgraded claws and fangs, full transformation control, and extrasensory perception, Jerick wields far more power as an Evolved Werewolf than his factory-setting counterparts.


Along with Jerick, Aiden (Colin Woodell) was one of the few Evolved Werewolves belonging to the Crescent Wolf Pack. During his 14-episode arc, he demonstrated even more advanced lycanthropic strengths after attending the traditional Wedding Ceremony.

As an Evolved Werewolf, Aiden’s upgraded powers included everything Jerick possessed, as well as an immunity to silver and magical spells involving the precious metal. Aiden is often seen biting his enemies and infecting them with a werewolf venom that is fatal among non-original vampires.

Mary Dumas

As Jackson’s wily grandmother, Mary Dumas (Debra Mooney) was an Evolved Werewolf and Crescent Pack Elder. The high-ranking lycanthrope not only imparted her genetic material to Jackson, but she also possessed valuable knowledge pertaining to werewolf customs and traditions.

The unflappable elder’s strengths included using herbal remedies to suss out magical spells nearby, and informing younger wolves how to bond, unify, and build packs. Physically, her enhanced powers supersede a typical non-Evolved werewolf.

Hayley Marshall-Kenner

As one of the fiercest and most fearsome female werewolf-vampire hybrid in the entire TVD canon, Hayley Marshall-Kenner (Phoebe Tonkin) is easily among the most powerful supernatural beasts in the franchise. Introduced as a werewolf in The Vampire Diaries, Hayley became a hybrid as The Originals’ main female protagonist.

As a vampire-werewolf mutant, Hayley possesses all of the innate powers of a lycanthrope plus the inherent strengths of a non-original vampire. The amplified powers of the unique crossbreed make her the strongest hybrid in the universe other than Klaus Mikaelson.

Jackson Kenner

Hayley’s macho husband Jackson Kenner (Nathan Parsons) possessed the rare status of being both an Evolved Werewolf and an Alpha Leader of the Crescent Wolf Pack. As such, few werewolves wielded more power than he did prior to his tragic fate.

Jackson’s aggressive and domineering demeanor as an Alpha is combined with his enhanced supernatural powers as an Evolved Werewolf, including leadership and nurturing skills that his subordinates will do anything to follow. Jackson’s upgraded strengths were demonstrated when he subdued Lucian long enough to bite him, as well as the time he waylaid several members of the vampiric Strix clan.

Klaus Mikaelson

As the first Original vampire-werewolf hybrid with a millennium of experience, Klaus Mikaelson (Joseph Morgan) is clearly one of the strongest and most influential werewolves in all the land. In addition to being the second-strongest vampire in the universe behind his step-father Mikael, Klaus’s combined lycanthropic powers make him the most physically imposing immortal alive.

With unparalleled fighting skills and swordsmanship, Klaus also grows stronger by imbibing human blood. As such, he once defeated six Evolved Werewolves at once with relative ease.

Hope Mikaelson

As the only living tribrid in the TVD universe, Klaus’s daughter Hope Mikaelson can access the awesome joint powers of witches, werewolves, and vampires combined. Considering her unique status, Hope is the most powerful Evolved werewolf in the franchise to date.

As the direct descendent of the otherwise mightiest werewolf in the universe, Hope’s full range of powers is currently incomprehensible. However, in werewolf form, Hope appears in regal white fur that indicates her upgraded status. Impervious to spells, Hope can also use her magical powers in her werewolf form.

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