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Laugh Through the Tears: The Funniest Moments From Season 15 of ‘Supernatural’

On November 19, 2020, Supernatural‘s 15-season run finally came to a close. As Supernatural is prone to do, the show’s final season brought up a plethora of emotions; throughout the duration of the season, fans exhibited a spectrum of feelings, from laughing to crying (especially in the latter part of the season).

Despite the bittersweet feelings that any show ending inspires, there were undoubtedly some moments that put a smile on fans’ faces in the Winchesters’ last hurrah. Today, we thought we’d pay homage to some of those very moments in an attempt to laugh through the tears. Without further ado, here are some of the funniest moments from season 15 of Supernatural.

I Wouldn’t Starve – 15×01 “Back and to the Future”

Cas… read the room, bro. While the angel wasn’t technically wrong, his inappropriate understanding of what commentary was warranted in a moment that death seemed imminent for the Winchesters definitely led to a chuckle for the audience — even if Dean was definitely not laughing in that moment.

You Shot Me – 15×01 “Back and to the Future”

Sam and Cas are both very intelligent beings, but when you put them together, it’s like all of their brain cells evaporate; they are truly one of the — if not the — most chaotic duos on the show. Nevertheless, that hilarious dynamic came out to play once more when the younger Winchester (accidentally) put a salt round in his friend. Oops.

Sure it Does – 15×14 “Last Holiday”

That’s it. That’s the show.

Are Any of Us Winning?!? – 5×08 “Our Father, Who Aren’t in Heaven”

While we love TFW, it’s kind of nice seeing them get thrown around by some badass women every once in a while. When Sam, Dean, and Cas travel down to Hell in hopes of finding Michael, they’re accosted by some female demons — who swiftly commence kicking their butts. Luckily, the newly crowned Queen MacLeod herself called it off before too much damage was done, but not before Dean spouted off this comical line.

Parent or Guardian’s Permission – 15×15 Gimme Shelter”

Despite looking like a millennial, there are moments where viewers are reminded that our favorite nougat-loving boy Jack is… a child (God is three. Think about that). This is one of those moments. The hilarious (and dare I say adorable) father-son interaction is one that definitely left fans chuckling this episode.

Bonus points for all the funny father/son case moments this episode. The Jack looks greener than a baby Yoda comment, the matching ties, the upside down badge hold (could he be anymore Cas’ son?)… perfection.

Pain Is Just Weakness Leaving the Body – 15×14 “Last Holiday”

Dean pulls out this line as Jack’s little trusting face looks up at him, assuming he would not lead him astray. As Jack falls through the other side of the door, I think it’s safe to say he learned his lesson there. Oh, Dean.

An Entire Oak Tree – 15×08 “Our Father, Who Aren’t in Heaven”

No filter Cas is the best Cas, as he easily proved when he spouted off this memorable line. I mean come on, an entire oak tree? Ouch.

Between nap time and snack? – 15×11 “The Gamblers”

Despite Supernatural‘s run concluding, the show’s legacy still lives on. Its characters continue to exist in every reference, every joke, and every heartfelt moment that takes up space in our minds. And because of that, this show will never truly die. In the immortal words of Chuck, “nothing ever really ends, does it?”

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