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Which Riverdale Character Are You Based On The Month You Were Born?

A darker, sexier reimagination of the Archie Comics, Riverdale has grown a huge fandom. Here is what character you are based on your birth month.

A darker, sexier reimagination of the Archie Comics, Riverdale has managed to grow a huge fandom in a short period of time. The reason why it’s so instantly likeable is because Riverdale is a playground full of the most vibrant characters that fall in love, take risks, solve mysteries, and look really good while doing it.

Each character in the show is diverse, and has their own quirks and habits that fans have come to love (and hate). Everyone wishes they were them, and in honor of Riverdale season 5 arriving really soon to our televisions and Netflix, we’re taking a look at which character you would be in the Riverdale universe, according to your birth month.

January: Veronica Lodge

Cool, collected, and calm, Veronica Lodge is very much like the month of January. She is always the first to spot problems, make plans, take action in the show, and goes the extra mile to make her dreams work.

She takes charge of Pop’s Chock’Lit Shop, opens La Bonne Nuit, and even helps break Archie out of jail with her quick thinking. If you’re a January baby, you definitely like being first, just like Veronica.

February: Jughead Jones

Intelligent and sensitive, Jughead is cold on the exterior, but warm on the inside. Much like February, which is known as the month of love, Jughead has a lot of love to offer to his best friend, his girlfriend, his family, as well as The Serpents.

Unfailingly loyal and whip-smart, the literary prodigy is a huge fan favorite, and if you’re February-born, you’re lucky enough to be Jughead.

March: Betty Cooper

With March comes the end of wintry days, and the bloom of spring time flowers. Betty is the very personification of the month. Dressed in pretty pastels, the brainy blonde is positive, happy, warm, and supportive of her friends.

However, just like the receding winter, she too has a dark side which includes serial killer tendencies and some naughty habits, but none of it overshadows the brightness, beauty, and morality that Betty stands for. If your birthday is in March, you’re Betty.

April: Kevin Keller

Kevin is the most light-hearted and fun of all the characters of Riverdale, but he seemed a bit one dimensional at the start of the series. He gets a lot more screen time in season 4, with his very own musical episode of Hedwig and the Angry Inch where fans get to know him a lot better.

If you are born in April, you are energetic and inspiring like Kevin Keller, who overcomes all his obstacles (including that strange initiation into The Farm).

May: Fred Andrews

Few characters in the show radiate warmth, kindness, and love like Fred Andrews. He was a caring father, an honest man, and extremely hardworking. Fred never shied away from work, which is why he is most like May, the month which celebrates labor and the working classes.

His untimely death (due to Luke Perry’s demise) in the show robbed it of its most positive and scrupulously good character. If your birth month is May, you are Fred Andrews.

June: Toni Topaz

Toni Topaz is part of The Serpents, which makes her seem sinister at the start, but she’s actually charismatic, talented, loving, and extremely loyal. Like most June-borns, she is also good-looking and turns heads with her natural aura (and manages to impress the usually unimpressed Cheryl).

Despite her intimidating looks, Toni is happy like sunshine and the exact person Cheryl, the queen of winter, needs in her life.

July: Reggie Mantle

Jocks aren’t always mean, and Reggie is living proof of that. Always up for a friendly brawl, he spends his time playing football and helping Veronica manage La Bonne Nuit.

Reggie is the most positive character on the show. He never backs down in the face of difficulty, protects his friends unfailingly, and always does it with a smile and a joke on his lips. July is peak summer, and Reggie brightens up any scene he walks into.

August: Marmaduke “Moose” Mason

Moose makes limited appearances on Riverdale, which is why its easy to miss the great qualities that his character shows repeatedly through the show. To be “August” means to be very respected, and Moose deserves a lot of respect for his brave actions.

He, too, is a jock, but extremely compassionate. He offers to help Andrews Construction when their crew decided to stop working, and also takes the brave decision of coming out to his father about his sexuality. When The Black Hood attacked him and Midge, he protected his girlfriend with his own body. If you are born in August, you are most like Moose.

September: FP Jones

September is the first month of Fall, and FP Jones epitomizes it beautifully. After a life of criminal activities, neglecting Jughead and almost getting framed for Jason Blossom’s murder, he practically turns a new leaf when he vows to take care of his children and becomes a good Sheriff to the town of Riverdale.

If you are a born in September, you are most like FP.

October: Archie Andrews

Archie, with his flaming hair, love for music, and boyishly sweet personality makes us think of orange-hued October days with a warm pumpkin spice latte in our hands. Righteous and morally sound, Archie is a solid friend and a loving partner.

He also finds himself transitioning between varsity football, to music, to boxing, and then community care, much like October is known for transitioning between seasons. If you are born in October, you’re most like the main character of Riverdale.

November: Hiram Lodge

November marks the final stages of the year, and is symbolically also known to mark the final stages of life. With the shocking reveal of Hiram’s neuromuscular disease which might be slowly killing him, the cold and calculating businessman is very much a November man.

Apart from this, November-borns are also known for their passion and intelligence, and Hiram has those in multitudes with his business drive.

December: Cheryl Blossom

Cheryl Blossom is the Queen of Winter. When one thinks of her, they only imagine her in a red cape, amongst the snow-laden maple trees of her estate. She is also of a chilly demeanor (to everyone but Toni), and her signature red wardrobe is the color most associated with the last month of the year.

If your birth month is December, you are cold like Cheryl, but you blaze a memorable trail wherever you go.

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