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Riverdale: 10 Things You Forgot From The First Episode

With everything that has happened so far on Riverdale, it’s easy to forget some details from the pilot episode

Since Riverdale has been on the air for several years now, it’s hard to keep track of all the storylines. Plenty of things have accrued on the show since its pilot, “Chapter One: The River’s Edge.” There have been serial killers, harvest organing cults, prison breaks, and drug trafficking. There have also been many characters faking their deaths so it’s not surprising that fans easily forget certain details here and there.

Upon revisiting the Pilot episode, fans will surely recall the bigger details like Jason’s death or the statutory rape storyline between Archie and Miss Grundy, but do they recall Betty and Veronica’s kiss? Or the fact that Jughead didn’t have much screen time?

Hiram Was Going To Be Trouble

Hermione is confused when Smithers, her butler, mentions that a missing bag was found. As it turns out, that missing bag was full of money, and instead of being thrilled, Hermione looks like the weight of the world is on her shoulders as she wonders out loud, “Oh Hiram, what have you done?” This instance in the episode implied that Hiram was going to be in trouble from the start, despite the fact that he was away at his trial for embezzlement and fraud.

Hiram has certainly lived up to the inference given his mischievous and brutal nature. He has not only caused plenty of problems for his family but the citizens of Riverdale along the way.

Betty’s Struggle With Her Anger Was Apparent

As Cheryl taunts and provokes Betty during cheerleading tryouts, Betty keeps her thoughts to herself but clenches her hands into fists, digging her nails into the palms of her hands, so deeply that she drew blood.

There were no other obvious signs that Betty had a dark side at the time, though the show made it clear early on that Betty struggled with her temper. Since then, audiences have become very familiar with Betty’s dark side, though it’s easy to forget that she showed this habit of hers in the very first episode.

Jughead Appeared Only Briefly

While Jughead was narrating throughout the first episode (something he continued to do in future episodes), he didn’t have many interactions with the other characters, at least until the episode had nearly ended.

He was seen in the episode’s beginning, with a camera and later typing his story, and again at the assembly, but he didn’t interact with anyone until Archie came into Pop’s. It was Jughead who pointed out to Archie that he needed to just talk to Betty, and that it would have meant a lot to Jughead if Archie had done the same thing for him. It implied a complicated history and a past friendship between the two, introducing yet another interesting dynamic in the show.

Betty Stood Up To Her Mother

Betty always works hard to be perfect. She tries to be there for everything and everyone, and it’s clear from the first episode that her mother places a lot of pressure on her to make good choices and work hard. However, when Alice demands that Betty take off her uniform and quit the cheerleading squad, Betty fires back at her mother, insisting that she wants to do something for herself.

It’s not very often that Betty will do something like this, but she was right; she deserved to be a cheerleader, and she definitely worked hard to accomplish that goal.

Archie Inherited Jason’s Football Number

On the first day of school, Archie learns he will be receiving Jason’s old football number. He’s definitely not comfortable with the idea, and he’s not particularly thrilled to be placed on the varsity team either, given he wishes to pursue music.

It would have been more respectful to the Blossom family if the school had retired the number. Unfortunately, Archie was placed in an awkward position when he inherited the number.

Betty Kept Trying To Tell Archie How She Really Felt About Him

Kevin is encouraging Betty to tell Archie about her feelings for him when the audience first meets her. Throughout the episode, she keeps trying to gather up the courage to say something but keeps running into obstacles, whether it be Archie’s newfound infatuation with Veronica or Betty’s own fears.

When she does finally gather the courage, Archie doesn’t return her feelings. The best friends each had their hearts broken, and it’s still hard for audiences to watch.

Jason’s Death Wasn’t Initially Murder

Jason never returned from the boat outing he took with his twin sister Cheryl on the Fourth of July; his body wasn’t recovered and thus an empty casket was buried. His tragic death was ruled accidental, and the town mourned. However, not everyone did; Alice Cooper certainly wasn’t sorrowful at all to learn of Jason’s death.

By the end of the first episode, Kevin and Moose inadvertently come across Jason’s body. From the gunshot wound, it’s apparent that the teenager had been murdered, thus spurring the main characters to investigate. While the revelation of the killer was memorable, how the discovery of murder came about may be a little less known now given all that’s happened on the show since then.

Veronica Kissed Archie

Veronica, once she found out about Betty’s crush on Archie, seemed more inclined to help her new friend. She tried several times in various ways to help Betty tell Archie the truth about her feelings for him, and even when she and Archie were alone together at Cheryl’s party, she initially tried to fish for information from him on Betty’s behalf.

Kissing Archie instead was like a stab in the back, though Veronica regretted the kiss upon learning that Betty had left. Veronica knew better than to chase after Betty with Archie and instead went home. Veronica clearly hadn’t totally left behind the old version of herself that she was trying to change just yet.

Archie And Miss Grundy’s Secrets

Audiences surely remember the statutory rape storyline that began over the summer previous to the pilot episode that occurred between Archie and Geraldine Grundy. However, the inappropriate relationship wasn’t the only secret they were keeping in the series’ first episode

They had indeed heard a gunshot around the time that Jason Blossom died, but Miss Grundy insists that the two keep it a secret, even insisting that what they heard were fireworks. She insists on secrecy so as to avoid getting into trouble. Archie certainly had a lot going on when audiences first met him, and that hasn’t changed much over the course of the series.

Betty And Veronica Kissed

Veronica and Betty put all their effort into their auditions when they tried out for places on the cheerleading squad. Unfortunately, Cheryl wasn’t too impressed. As a big finale and to prove a point to Cheryl, Veronica kissed Betty.

Now, the two girls had only known each other for a very short time, so this was a very daring move on Veronica’s part. A lot of bold (and random) things happen on Riverdale. The first episode offered a taste of what was to come with this particular kiss.

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