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Lucifer: How Maze (And Other Demons) Can Grow A Soul

As Maze was on a quest to get a soul, Lucifer season 5B ends with the beloved demon having one after all this time. But how do demons get a soul?

Following the events of Lucifer season 5B, Mazikeen has finally gotten a soul, but what does that mean for other demons in the Lucifer universe? Throughout Lucifer season 5A, Maze began a new quest in her life as she was searching for ways to get a soul. Due to being a demon created from Hell, Maze didn’t have a soul like the other characters, and that was something she tried to change in the latest season. While Maze turned to God to ask Him to give her a soul, the Almighty Father denied her wish, claiming He couldn’t do that.

But it wasn’t about God not wanting to do it, as Maze made a significant discovery in Lucifer season 5B, which confirmed a popular theory. As they say it, God always works in His mysterious ways, and Maze got a first-hand experience with that. While having a conversation with Him in “Resting Devil Face,” God gave Maze a clever clue about how souls work in their universe. When talking about how a demon can’t grow a soul, God simply replied, “Can’t she?” Maze has self-realization that she had managed to grow a soul this entire time, which begs a bigger question in the Lucifer universe.

What is it exactly a demon has to accomplish in order to get a soul of their own? Using Maze’s established history on Lucifer, her time on Earth, and the relationships she had developed changed her significantly. Having spent thousands of years torturing souls that came to Hell, Maze’s time throughout Lucifer has changed her into something better. Besides the human relationships she has, Maze has also been helping the LAPD as a bounty hunter, contributing to society by capturing criminals. Essentially, by doing good for the world and having people she loves in her life, Maze literally grew a soul.

Since Maze is the first demon on Lucifer to have ever developed a soul, it remains to be seen if this applies to all demons or if she is an exception to the rule. While there have been other demons on the show previously, none of them have been explored the way Maze has for five seasons. But with Lucifer now being the new God, Maze will supposedly become Queen of Hell, and she might change the rules for other demons in Lucifer season 6.

It wouldn’t be shocking, however, if Maze’s soul were a rare exception. It would make more sense if every demon has to earn a soul differently and that there isn’t simply just one and the same method. Because that would seem a little too simple as a Lucifer concept in the long run. Another option to consider is that a demon can’t consciously get a soul, but instead get one over time without realizing it, similar to how Maze connected the pieces after speaking with God. Hopefully, Lucifer season 6 will answer a bit more about what this means for demons overall.

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