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Supernatural Final Season Deleted Scene Shows Castiel Invoking Mr. Rogers

A new deleted scene from Supernatural’s 15th and final season sees Castiel recruit soulless prophet Donatello with a shrewd Mr. Rogers reference.

A new deleted scene from Supernatural’s 15th and final season has been released — one that features Castiel invoking Mr. Rogers in his world-saving quest. The show first debuted on The WB back in 2005. Despite never being a huge ratings winner, Supernatural cultivated a passionate following that saw it survive the network’s transition into The CW. That fan following only grew with each passing season, affording the show consistent renewals. As such, it solidified its place as one of The CW’s staple offerings alongside the ever-expanding Arrowverse. In late-2020, however, the show concluded with a divisive final episode. As a result, many believed Supernatural should continue its story beyond the series finale.

Starring Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, Supernatural told the story of Sam and Dean Winchester. As per the family business, the two brothers traversed America, saving people and hunting things. Over the years, they have faced everything from wendigo and vampires to demons and rogue angels. Their unconventional family has fluctuated over the years — with the angel Castiel (Misha Collins) emerging as their longest-serving and most trusted ally. Supernatural season 15 saw the trio (and other members of Team Free Will) tackle their biggest threat ever: Chuck (a.k.a. God). Despite the darkness, poignant stakes, and tragedy (including one that sparked Castiel and Dean relationship controversy), Supernatural came packed with humor and pop culture references right up until the final credits rolled.

In a new clip released by Warner Bros. Entertainment (via Variety), it was revealed that went just as much for scenes that didn’t make the cut. In a deleted scene from Supernatural season 15, episode 8, “Our Father, Who Aren’t In Heaven”, Castiel visits the prophet Donatello (Keith Szarabajka). Eager to recruit him into their world-saving mission, Castiel ultimately used a mention of Mr. Rogers to counter Donatello’s steadfast reluctance. The clip was released to mark the May 25 release of Supernatural season 15 on DVD and Blu-ray. Both will include several more deleted scenes, sure to be emotional behind-the-scenes footage, and another of the show’s famous gag reels.

Mr. Rogers (Fred to his friends) was, of course, the legendary creator and host of the educational, preschool show Mister Rogers Neighborhood. He was also an acclaimed author and even a minister. Rogers was recently portrayed by Tom Hanks in 2019’s heartwarming biographical drama A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. Castiel’s invoking of his name to Donatello was actually a shrewd move that doubled as a callback to previous seasons in Supernatural’s run. In Supernatural season 11, episode 22, “We Happy Few”, Donatello’s soul was stolen by Amara (Emily Swallow). Most that lose their souls develop more villainous traits. Donatello, however, maintained his moral compass by facing every choice with the question, “What would Mr. Rogers do?” — citing him as “the best man he knew”.

Returning later, Donatello would impart that wisdom to Jack (Alexander Calvert) after the latter lost his own soul. Instead of Mr. Rogers (who Jack wouldn’t have been aware of), Donatello suggested Sam and Dean Winchester as his personal moral touchstone. Castiel hadn’t actually been present for either time that Donatello explained his coping mechanism. Therefore, it would seem that Jack himself informed Castiel of that method. As such, the deleted scene added new layers to Castiel and Jack’s father/son dynamic and unseen moments for fans to imagine. Equally, believing Donatello’s sarcastic line about The Winchesters being the dictionary definition of emergency, Castiel hilariously remained the gulliably trusting angel fans first fell in love with — despite everything he’d learned and been through.

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