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Grey’s Anatomy: 10 Favorite Storylines, According To Reddit

Long-running medical drama Grey’s Anatomy has many fans, all of whom have favorite storylines involving Meredith and the other doctors and patients.

Few TV dramas are on the air as long as Grey’s Anatomy and fans have seen beloved characters experience growth and change, fall in love, advance in their medical careers, and in many cases, leave. Although the premise of the show is serious, the storylines range from light-hearted and romantic to dramatic and twisty, and most of them are very memorable.

Every Grey’s Anatomy fan has a favorite character and many have favorite storylines, too. In several Reddit threads, fans of the hospital drama talked about the plotlines that they love the most, from some of the most shocking episodes to sweet moments between the characters.

A Patient Had A Bomb Inside Of Them

In season 2, the bomb squad came to the hospital as the doctors were faced with a very unique situation: a patient had a bomb inside of them.

Fans enjoyed watching this scary and thrilling two-part episode and shared on Reddit that it’s a favorite storyline. It’s true that with 17 seasons, the show isn’t quite as shocking anymore, as that’s inevitable, but the first few seasons had many fast-paced storylines that featured the doctors in terrifying situations.

The Hospital Shooting Was Powerful

Sometimes a favorite storyline on Grey’s Anatomy involves some tragedy, and Meredith almost passed away in many instances, including when someone came into the hospital with a gun.

Many fans shared on Reddit that they think the hospital shooting storyline is one of the most well-done, poignant ones. In the season 6 finale “Death and All His Friends,” Gary Clark wanted to avenge his wife, who died at the hospital. Several characters almost lost their lives here, including Derek and Cristina. Grey’s Anatomy is often surprising and emotional, and this was one of those times.

Owen Living With PTSD

Owen and Cristina had a very emotional and difficult romance on Grey’s Anatomy. While they loved each other, they disagreed about having children and Owen also lived with PTSD, which was devastating and heartbreaking for Cristina to witness.

A fan posted on Reddit that they thought Owen’s PTSD storyline was well-done. While it was sad to see, it did allow fans to learn more about Owen, and it gave him a solid character arc that bridged his past with his present and future.

Arizona And Callie Fighting For Custody

There are many characters Callie could have dated, especially since Callie and Arizona had such a sad ending to their relationship.

Some fans shared on Reddit that they liked watching Callie and Arizona fight for custody of their daughter. This was definitely a Grey’s Anatomy storyline that was both heartbreaking and hard to stop watching. They both wanted what was best for their child, but they also couldn’t help but bring their hurt and pain into the situation, too. It was hard to know how it was going to end, but now that both characters have left the series, it was implied that they got back together.

Cristina Leaving The Hospital Behind For A Dream Job

A fan posted on Reddit that while it was sad to see Cristina leave, her goodbye storyline was a great one.

The fan wrote that they loved Cristina’s character arc: “seeing Cristina go from the arrogant intern she was to a passionate, completely patient-focused Dr., it just always amazes me.” It was very moving when Cristina was offered a huge job running a hospital in Switzerland. She knew that this was an incredible chance and while it was painful to leave Meredith, she took the risk and moved away.

Maggie Saying Goodbye To Her Mom

Maggie has some scenes on the show that stand out, especially when she talked about the COVID-19 pandemic. She’s so intelligent and perceptive, and fans welcome when she is given meaningful storylines and has to face something in her personal life.

It was heartbreaking when Maggie learned that her mom had cancer, and she had to say goodbye to such a beloved and important person in her life. A fan posted in a Reddit thread that this is a great and “underrated” storyline.

When Meredith Almost Drowned

In the season 3 episode “Drowning On Dry Land,” Meredith came super close to drowning, and there were several scenes of her going deeper and deeper inside the water. It wasn’t clear if she would make it and it was definitely scary to see.

A fan shared on Reddit that Meredith’s drowning is a must-watch storyline. This was very impactful and prove that Meredith often couldn’t catch a break. It seemed like she kept experiencing pain and sadness and there was nothing she could do to stop it.

Arizona’s Leg Getting Amputated After The Plane Crash

A fan pointed out that Arizona’s storyline where she lost her leg was another well-crafted one.

The doctors all struggled after they got into a horrible plane crash, and Arizona had trouble adjusting when she lost her leg. This was a huge moment for the character, as she had always been there for her patients, helping children through the worst moments of their lives. Now she was at a crossroads and she leaned on Callie for support but also had a hard time figuring out her new reality.

Meredith Telling Derek To Choose Her Over Addison

One of Meredith and Derek’s most famous moments is when Meredith asked him to choose her over Addison. In a season 2 episode, she said, “Your choice, it’s simple. Her or me.” She shared all the reasons why she loved him and continued, “So pick me. Choose me. Love me.”

A fan shared in a Reddit thread that they loved this scene, and it’s easy to see why, as it was super romantic, moving, and emotional.

Cristina Told Everyone That Izzie Had Cancer

Cristina learned that Izzie had cancer and she told the other doctors. This is a great Grey’s Anatomy storyline that a fan mentioned on Reddit.

While many Izzie plotlines are confusing, this one allowed fans to see a sensitive and emotional side to Cristina, who knew that she and Izzie both needed help and support in this tragic situation. The viewer pointed out on Reddit that this scene was so heartwarming: “I love how all the residents come together at the end of the episode to admit her. It’s what the show is all about for me. Standing together, being close, great friends.”

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