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Here’s How Much Melissa Marie Benoist Gets Paid For Her Role In ‘Supergirl’

Melissa Benoist is making bank on Supergirl.

Of course, DC Comics has been a primary player in film and television for decades now, and while they may miss the mark sometimes, there is no denying that the company is capable of bringing incredible stories to life and entertaining millions of fans around the world when they are at the top of their game.

Supergirl has been an exceptional addition to what the company has been doing on television, and casting Melissa Benoist in the lead role proved to be a stroke of genius. She was the perfect choice to play Supergirl, and thanks to her performance on the show, the series has been able to thrive for years.

So, how much is Melissa Benoist making on the series? Let’s take a deeper look!

She Made $75,000 Per Episode For Supergirl

DC has taken some flack for what they have done on the big screen, but on television, they have been able to craft some solid stories with the Arrowverse. The inclusion of a show focused on Supergirl was a wise decision, and Melissa Benoist has been able to cash in while starring on the show.

A series focused on Supergirl was no guarantee to work, as DC had already tried a movie based on the character in the past with little in the way of success. Nevertheless, Kara Zor-El flew into the Arrowverse and never looked back. At this point, we have gotten five seasons of the show, and a sixth season is set to debut in 2021, further proving that DC fans have been loving the series.

According to TheWhisp, Melissa Benoist has been making $75,000 per episode of the show. It might not be in the same ballpark as other huge performers on the small screen, but making nearly $100,000 per episode for a hit television show is something that no performer will pass up.

The cool thing about the Arrowverse is that performers are not limited to only appearing on their own show. As we have seen, the franchise is always willing to shuffle characters in and out to keep everything connected, and their crossover events have earned a ton of coverage through the years.

This Was A Huge Jump From Her $10,000 Glee Salary

Benoist has been a home run as Supergirl on the small screen, and her paycheck is proof of the great work that she does. This, however, is not the first time that she has found herself on a hit show. The main difference this time is that she is the star and she is making significantly more money than she had been before.

Back when it was still on television, Glee was a force that had people tuning in each week. Benoist joined the show in season 4 after it had already taken over television, and she would remain on the show through season 5. Though it was not too lengthy of a run, the performer was still able to leave an impression on fans and make some good money while doing so.

It has been reported that Benoist was making $10,000 per episode of Glee, which proved to be a huge break for the performer. It was just one year after her time on Glee that she began Supergirl, and this kept the star busy and reeling in solid paychecks for years to come.

She Made $270,000 For Whiplash

For the most part, people know Benoist best from her time in Glee and Supergirl, but the performer has been making strides on the big screen, as well. In fact, when compared to some of her checks on the small screen, it is clear that she could be cashing in even more down the line in film.

According to CheatSheet, Benoist was paid $270,000 for the movie Whiplash. This is far more than she was making on Glee, and it is more than a few episodes of Supergirl combined. Of course, she stars in enough episodes of Supergirl per season to make more than she did for Whiplash, but the payment she received for that movie shows what studios think of her as a performer.

Not only was Whiplash a film that was celebrated by critics and audiences alike, but it was able to generate a nice wad of cash at the box office, especially when compared to its modest production budget. To this day, it remains a standout credit for Benoist, who has proven that she can excel in a variety of roles.

Melissa Benoist is making bank on Supergirl, and now that season six is right around the corner, fans are going to be tuning in to see the next chapter for the new favorite Kryptonian.

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