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How Sam’s Son Could Beat Supernatural’s Spinoff Curse

Supernatural has twice tried to launch a spinoff, only for it to fail to impress, but one centered on Sam Winchester’s son could break the curse.

Supernatural has twice tried to launch a spinoff, only for it to fail to impress, but one centered on Sam Winchester’s son could break the curse. In 2020, Supernatural finally brought the story of the Winchester brothers to a close after 15 seasons, at least for now. It’s hard to imagine Supernatural staying gone forever, especially in a world where TV revivals continue to be hot commodities, and streaming outlets are constantly seeking new original content. Still, the Impala named Baby is parked in Sam and Dean’s heavenly garage for the foreseeable future.

Considering how big a success story Supernatural was for The CW though, arguably standing as their most iconic show to date, even if Sam and Dean do stay gone for the long-term, the network could always try going down spinoff road again. Supernatural’s first proper attempt at launching a spinoff came in 2014, in the form of Supernatural: Bloodlines, a show that would’ve looked at the monster and hunter ecosystem in Chicago. Another attempt came in 2018 with Wayward Sisters, a spinoff starring some of Supernatural’s top female characters.

Both of those spinoffs began life as many spinoffs do, airing what’s known as a “backdoor pilot” as an episode of their parent show. Needless to say, both spinoff pilots didn’t lead to a series pickup. However, that doesn’t mean a Supernatural spinoff couldn’t ever succeed, and the introduction of Sam’s son in the series finale could well serve to lay the groundwork for such a show.

Supernatural: Carry On Sam’s Wayward Son Into A Spinoff

The Supernatural: Bloodlines backdoor pilot was roundly panned by both fans and critics, making it little wonder The CW passed on turning it into a series. The later Wayward Sisters spinoff pilot was better received but still didn’t wow most fans, and while there was a bit of sadness when The CW didn’t pick up the show, many met the news with a shrug. Both spinoffs had their problems, but the biggest was that neither really felt like Supernatural, which is odd considering how long the titular Wayward Sisters have been part of the Winchester orbit. If the Supernatural legacy is going to continue via a spinoff, it needs to offer fans a similar experience to the original, and also maintain a similar character dynamic.

While the Wayward Sisters idea came close to that, it was the Supernatural series finale that introduced the perfect new lead character for a spinoff: Dean Winchester. No, not the dead one — Sam’s identically named son that he had following his brother’s death. It’s not made explicit either way if Dean II took up the family business or not, but he is shown sporting the same tattoo his father and uncle wore, designed to prevent them from being possessed by demons. If there was one theme most at the center of Supernatural, it was family, and creating a spinoff about Sam’s son hunting monsters makes so much sense.

Not only would some type of heavenly cameo from Sam and Dean be appropriate and make fans happy, but Dean II could also work with his dad’s old allies, like Jody Mills and the Wayward Sisters, or if it’s been long enough, perhaps their descendants. A Supernatural spinoff starring Sam’s son even has a ready-made title, Supernatural: Carry On My Wayward Son. If done right, it could truly feel like Supernatural 2.0, providing fans a further fix of their favorite show, but with some new characters and tweaks.

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