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Supergirl: How Many Episodes Are Left (And When Is The Finale?)

Supergirl season 6 is officially on its midseason break, one that will last for months. Here’s how many episodes there are left in the final season.

After getting a shortened season 5 last spring, Supergirl didn’t begin production on its sixth and final season until the fall of 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. Supergirl season 6 premiered in March 2021, airing several episodes before taking a midseason break. The superhero series is expected to return to The CW later this year to close out its final season’s remaining episodes and give the Girl of Steel and the Super Friends a proper ending.

In Supergirl season 6’s midseason finale, called “Fear Knot,” the Super Friends finally had the means to travel to the Phantom Zone to rescue Kara Danvers, who had been imprisoned there by Lex Luthor in the season premiere. There were a few obstacles they had to overcome, however, before they could finally get to Supergirl, who had reunited with her presumably dead father, Zor-El. The Super Friends came face-to-face with their worst fears thanks to the phantoms, but they finally beat them, saved Kara, and hightailed it back to Earth (with Nyxly catching a ride out of the Phantom Zone atop their ship).

The good news is Supergirl was saved; the bad news is fans will be waiting until August 24 to find out what happens next. It was confirmed Supergirl would wrap up its final season with a total of 20 episodes. Seven of them have already aired, which leaves 13 episodes remaining before the series wraps up for good. Considering the timeline of season 6’s return, it suggests Supergirl’s series finale will air on November 16, 2021. This means the series could end a week before Thanksgiving, which seems like an organic place to stop before the holiday season kicks into high gear.

The CW hasn’t confirmed this to be the official date of the series finale and this is a rough estimate pending there are no breaks between any of the episodes as is wont to happen. If there are a couple breaks between episodes (which would see reruns air in its time slot), then it’s possible The CW will continue to air Supergirl season 6 through early December, which would be around the time midseason finales usually air on network television before taking a month’s break, returning in January for the second half of their respective seasons. The first seven episodes of Supergirl season 6 did air consecutively, so the same could happen with the remaining 13 episodes.

Supergirl’s long midseason break and return in August likely means the cast will have wrapped filming on season 6 by then. Completing production before the rest of the season airs also suggests that the rest of the Arrowverse series’ episodes will more than likely air without interruption. Season 6’s 20-episode order puts Supergirl at 126 episodes in total, which is an impressive feat and a testament to its longevity. Now that the Girl of Steel is back with her friends, it’ll be exciting to see where the final episodes will take her and how her journey will end.

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