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Dylan O’Brien Would Love To Return For Teen Wolf Revival

While promoting his new movie Love and Monsters, Teen Wolf star Dylan O’Brien gave a prediction that’s very encouraging to fans of the MTV series.

Teen Wolf star Dylan O’Brien would love to return for a revival of the hit MTV series. O’Brien has kept busy since Teen Wolf came to an end, set to appear in three upcoming films that are in various stages of development, but he remains well-known for his portrayal of the lovably sarcastic Stiles Stilinski.

Teen Wolf ended in 2017 after a successful run, airing from 2011 until 2017, due to a mixture of declining ratings and the fact that MTV was shifting its focus more to unscripted programs in order to take advantage of audiences that were tuning in for reality staples like Survivor and The Voice. However, at a time when reboots and limited revivals have become a regular occurrence, as is evident with the recent news of Dexter’s return, Teen Wolf has been floated as a possible candidate to be resurrected with new episodes.

While promoting his new movie Love and Monsters on The Big Ticket with Marc Malkin podcast, O’Brien spoke about his Teen Wolf days. The actor had plenty of praise and fond recollections of his co-star Tyler Posey, who played Scott McCall, and expressed a deep affection for the series that helped to launch his career. Asked by Malkin if Teen Wolf could be revived, in any form, O’Brien admitted that he hasn’t been approached for any possible revival. But he did have encouraging words for fans of the supernatural drama. “I would jump at the chance to do any kind of thing. We’ll come back together for something at some point,” he said.

O’Brien has been thinking about where his character might have ended up since Teen Wolf came to an end. In a recent virtual reunion with other cast members of the show, the actor theorized that Stiles would likely have taken over the role of Sheriff from his father. He also mentioned that Stiles would have remained in a close friendship with Scott. Both those elements would provide a good basis for a revival, as it would be interesting to see O’Brien’s character go from being a sidekick to a more traditional figure of authority. With enough time and distance, the world of Teen Wolf could be revisited with a fresh lens without simply repeating familiar patterns and retreating the same grounds. O’Brien isn’t the only one who has indicated that a revival of the popular teen drama is likely. While series creator Jeff Davis noted that he wouldn’t be involved with writing the project, he did indicate there was a possibility for further Teen Wolf adventures.

It might seem like a no-brainer for a performer to indicate an openness to revisiting one of their most beloved works, that isn’t always such a given. Even though many people would love to see a return of Friends, the sitcom’s cast has been largely adamant against staging a scripted reunion. The same is true for other iconic shows, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Seinfeld, where the actors have expressed a reluctance to revisit their old roles. Considering that those involved with Teen Wolf are very receptive to telling more stories in that universe, it adds to the possibility that a revival could happen. Whether that comes in the form of a limited series, movie, or even a reboot, it’s fair to say that a lot of Teen Wolf fans would love to see it.

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